Tips to Consider When Buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is considered as an investment. It is like buying a refrigerator, you need to buy one that satisfy your needs, within your budget and that can be beneficial for you for a long period of time. Thus, like buying a refrigerator, picking out a laptop should not be taken lightly.

Here are some tips you should consider to prepare yourself in making the best decision when buying a laptop.

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Size does matters

You should consider the size and the weight of your laptop. One basis for such requirements would be if the laptop would be mobile or stationary. Will you carry it often? If not, buying a large screened laptop that is heavy than the usual laptop is possible. If you will be carrying it around your back frequently, getting a lighter model would be a wiser option.

You should also consider the size of your keyboard. If you feel that a small or a bigger keyboard might put too much pressure on your fingers and wrists when typing, you might also want to consider this as a factor in purchasing a new laptop.


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Choose your mouse

A laptop it will come with a built in touch pad, an alternative to the mouse, whereby the pad is controlled by the user’s finger movement.  For some people, this type of pad is uncomfortable and not easy to work with.  Before purchasing a laptop, determine what mouse options are available.  Test each one and determine which one best meets your needs.

Check your computer ports

If you have several other external computer hardware that would be connected to your laptop, go through your USB ports. It would be less complicated if you have adequate ports for your needs. Consider other external hardware like printers, scanners, digital cameras and external hard drives to make it simpler when connecting these devices to your laptop. If you are not sure, read the specifications of your laptops prior to purchasing.

Check your budget

Try not to overspend with when buying a laptop. Create a set of specifications that you need for your laptop, canvass existing prices and then set a budget. Stick to the budget that you have. If you think that your found the laptop but your budget is enough, you can wait it out and try to avoid the rush. If you still feel that the laptop that you found is indeed the laptop that you want after checking the specs and waiting it out, simply go for it.


Blogging for a Living: Here’s How

Some people are still clueless on how to make money from blogging. Whenever I get the chance to explain what I do in my work online, I still get those confused stares and those impressive reactions whenever they understand how I manage to make a living at the comfort of my home through blogging.

Most people will create their personal blog where they can post opinions and views. They get direct advertisers from time to time while others host Adsense blogs on their pages. Professional bloggers on the other hand make money from their personal blog through the expertise and information that they share online. If you are interested in living the life of a blogger, here are a few basic tips that can help you get started.

First and foremost, most bloggers make income from their blogs by partnering with advertisers. Adsense as an example allows you to earn from the revenues that they get from the contextual ads that they post on your blogs or websites. You decide on where to place ads as well as what ads to host or not. The advertisements constantly changes according to the context of the text in your blogs.

Being a blogger also boils down to trying to get more traffic to your site. More traffic is equivalent to more views and more opportunities for your advertisements to be clicked by your readers. Thus providing relevant and timely information in your blog that will keep your readers coming back for more is a must. The more keyword rich your content is, the more likely traffic will come.

Knowing which keywords to work on is also one important factor to consider. If you blog alone, it would be difficult to blog about every possible keyword out there. Identifying a nice or a set of keywords you can focus with on your blog is important to successfully index your blog and websites to search engines.

Here are a few more tips from bloggers who made it big on blogging.

Computer Accessories Fit For Your Online Business

We now live in a fast- paced society wherein people want their life and work to be fast and convenient. Since the introduction of the internet, online businesses have increased dramatically as transactions through the web is the most efficient. It also enables you to connect with your client without leaving the convenience of your own home.

If you are an entrepreneur who is in line with this kind of business, there are computer accessories that you can use in order to have a more profitable online business.

Portable Wi-Fi

The advantage of online businesses in comparison with traditional ones is its mobility. As long as you have an internet connection, whether you are in your house, at a coffee shop or even at the beach, you can still continue with your transactions. To do this you need to have a portable Wi-Fi. Portable Wi-Fi is basically your internet on the go. No need to find a place that offers Wi-Fi connection as you already have one at the palm of your hand. Simply insert a sim card with an internet service to your portable wi-fi and voila – you have your connection. You can also connect your other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Getting the best and most suitable internet broadband plans for your needs is also a must to maximize your use of the internet service that you have.

Portable chargers

Since with online businesses you can work almost everywhere, you have to be prepared in every scenario. You got your laptop and you have your portable Wi-Fi but what if your laptop battery drains on you and there is no electric socket to plug into? You then need to have a portable charger. It enables you to charge your laptop or your other gadgets without the need to plug in to a wall socket. There are a variety of portable charger in the market that offers different charging capacity. Get the one that suits your need.

External Hard drive

In the world of computers they say that there is no such thing as too much memory. Well that is true since you will need all the memory you can have to save all your work. Plus it is a good backup plan just in case something went wrong with your computer and you then lose your files.

With these accessories, you can definitely have your online business up and running anytime and anywhere.








Internet Marketing: Why Creating Products is So Important

In order for your business to survive, you should always present something fresh. The “it” thing right now might not be the same the next month. Getting left behind by your competitors would be a recipe for disaster in any company. So why is it important that you create new products? The capability of providing useful products for your target market even before they knew they need it as a talent not all entrepreneurs should have.


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To Retain Consumer Interest

People’s “needs and wants” is ever – changing and dynamic. And most of the time, we always want something new that will intrigue us more. New things spark interest! Your company needs to adapt – plain and simple. In addition, people’s interests also depend on the current trends. Remember the time when people were into acoustic music and then everything shifted to rock alternative, to pop, rave so on and so forth. That said, you should be able to follow the trend.

Products End Cycle

Nothing lasts for a lifetime, and so is your product. All products have a life cycle and unfortunately, nothing is permanent. Before you lose your customers, you need to create something new or perhaps, innovate.

Technology Changes Fast

Our technology has a come a long way. Your product would need to get along with these advances in technology. One good example are home theaters. Can you still recall the days where we use large discs and tapes to watch videos? Now you can just download from the internet. While technology is running, so does your product.

To Beat or at least be at Par with your Competitors

As they say, it is a jungle out there. Companies and their competitors have one goal – earn profit. In order to do so, they must outgrow each other. No wonder we get new phone models every few months.

Just remember that all things in life changes regularly, to survive all we have to do is keep up.

Are Co-Working Spaces Fertile Ground for Entrepreneurship?

Co-working is not a new thing for startup nomads and online entrepreneurs. The usual home-based working environment has managed to grow from working in coffeehouse with WiFi connection to actual cubicles inside offices in both high-end and average offices in the metro. These working spaces are now creating an impact on working communities internationally and have gained momentum in several areas around the world.

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One of the interesting co-working environments that I happened to discover online is the program Remote Year. Since most digital nomads can practically work anywhere around the world, as long as there is internet connection, a group of individuals decided to create this program to make the world see the life of the online entrepreneurs of today. A total of 70 individuals ranging from businessmen, e-commerce store owners, digital artists, SEO experts and the like have embarked in the journey of spending a month in a different city around the world, working their usual stuff online while discovering the beauty and the history of the places that they have been. This people have indeed took co-working into a higher level and managed to go globally. With the year almost about to end, I can only imagine the amount of knowledge and experience these people have managed to acquire while co-working with interesting individuals while travelling around different places for a year.

So besides a new environment to hopefully draw the boredom away from the typical stay at home freelancer and entrepreneur, what does co-working has to offer?

Comfortable places

Although some may see staying at home as their definition of a comfortable working space, some stay-at-home freelancers do not share the same experience. Practically, when you are not living alone, distractions can be one of the reasons why considering to work in an office setting would be beneficial. Doing so also allows you to enjoy the comfort of an actual computer chair, tables, iPrimus internet service, office supplies and office machines that you do not have at home. Naps every now and then can still be enjoyed in co-working spaces. Some even features actual beds where you can catch a few hours of sleep when working for time constricted projects.

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Social life

Staying at home can oftentimes deprive you of meeting new people. Staying in co-working spaces allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee together with a nice conversation about the best apps for graphic design nowadays. Something you can’t enjoy when you work home alone. Interacting with people who understand and really see the big picture of your not so standard way of creating an income is a relief and a breather. You won’t have to continuously explain how your client from Puerto Rico sends you pay for every project that you do or how you make money from your Facebook Fan Page. You can actually meet new people in a different perspective, something beyond your work online.

Possible partnerships

Working online at home also opens you to the possibilities of getting partners that could help you out with your business. However, finding a partner or someone to do a short task for you in a co-working environment will mostly likely guarantee you a professionally done project minus the worries of being able to pay your virtual contractor and then ending up getting nothing. Meeting possible partners in the flesh also allows you to identify if he or she shares the same values and beliefs that you do in the business that you would want him or her to get involved with.

Co-working spaces is a relief, a new experience and can be a way to grow more as an online professional and entrepreneur.

Companies Shaping The Future of the Online Work Economy

Online work is definitely changing according to the changes the internet has presented itself throughout the years. A large chunk of the population worldwide is already filling in their pockets with the opportunities coming from professional work at home that online companies offer worldwide.

Business has indeed gone global and international through the web with outsourced work and opportunities for professionals even in third world countries. Making money on their own time at their own terms and at the convenience of their own home has become a common scene among young and old professionals nowadays.

Here are some of the companies that have paved the way for this professionals and entrepreneurs to launch a business and a career at home, with lucrative rewards received in the process.


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Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce companies that connect sellers with their target markets. Beside the selling opportunity that it offers, Amazon has already came up with Amazon Flex wherein workers can make $18 to $25 an hour for delivering goods and items for Amazon. The company is continuously expanding and improving to remain on the top spot when it comes to ecommerce businesses online.


In just a few years, Uber has managed to change and offer something different for the transportation industry. Lower service and better experience are just two of the factors that made Uber a success.

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Lyft is another app-based transportation service that is getting a slice of the ride-sharing experience from Uber. It recently made headlines after partnering with GM and offers a lower valued service compared to Uber.


Convenient grocery shopping for those who do not have time to do it is what Instacart offers. Local shoppers and independent contractors earns a fee for doing the shopping for someone else in stores like Whole Foods, Target, Costco and Safeway. However it is facing a tough competition against Amazon Prime Now and Walmart’s grocery pickup service.


Google is not just a search engine but also offers a wide variety of innovative industries. It has a ride-sharing service as well called the RideWith that is being tested in Israel. It can be accesses through Waze, another traffic crowd sourcing site that was acquired by Google in 2013.


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Doing different tasks like content writing, VA tasks, video editing to acting or voice-overs are just some of the services offered by Fiverr users for a fair price of $5. Freelancers simply post a task that they can do for $5 and wait for a client to contact them to do the service. Top sellers earn as much as $2000 a day for doing things that they love doing, like sketching or fixing WordPress issues.

The internet and these internet based companies have indeed managed to create a source of income and a venue for creativity for professionals globally. More are expected to emerge in the future bringing a lot of opportunities for individuals who would want to launch a business or career online.

3 Incredibly Useful Internet Tips for Small Businesses

The internet has indeed provided a great place for businesses, whether small or big. Thus most individuals and entrepreneurs are taking the plunge in trying out a small business online, with high hopes of doing it right and making a living out of the businesses that they have managed to create online.

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The best thing about the internet is that it comes with a lot of tools and gateways that can help entrepreneurs and professionals in building their brand and making their online businesses work. Cable broadband providers in Australia and other countries also plays a big role in keeping online business going, but most of all, marketing strategies are the key that makes success possible for a small business, even with a small or scarce amount of resources at hand.

Here are some of the internet gateways and platforms where small businesses can put their focus on as they build and make their brand work online.

Leverage social media

Social media marketing is generally free but can be time-consuming. The same is true with blogging but these are traditional aspects in digital advertising, thus a must for businesses. Working on an active and populated social media account or blog for your business is not an overnight activity. One should really put effort and time into it since you do not have the resources to hire someone or a company to do this for you.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google + can help you build your presence online. You cna make use of Facebook’s scheduled post feature to be able to save time when updating your Facebook pages. Free and paid auto-posting software can also be used to manage your social media accounts when it becomes too much for you to handle. The market that the social media world offers is often times irresistible for entrepreneurs, thus they really put an effort to tap this platform.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the perfect tool that can be used in engaging your costumers. The potentials these avenue offers are big but can be maximized if you know how to take advantage of this free method. Integrate your email marketing campaigns with your other marketing campaigns to be able to achieve maximum impact for your target markets. Facebook contests can have an increased number of participants by sending notices to your subscribers or when you are running a special offer or a limited deal. Any significant marketing move that you implement in your business should reach the knowledge of your subscribers.

Webinars and Press Releases

Competition for visibility online is tough and you would definitely want your business to catch up. Webinars see a 70% rebound according to webcast experts and are interactive that keeps the attention of your leads or potential clients to your product or service. Provide webinars with rich content that are also relevant for a large target audience. It should also be hosted by someone who has experience with running a webinar. Building leads can be achieved with this method.

Press releases on the other hand are an integrated part or your business’s marketing strategy allowing small businesses to directly bring their content directly to their customers. You can connect with bloggers and journalists to create impressive press releases. Posting a press release via a wire service is expensive and will cost around $200 to $300.

Trying out these tips can help you create a strong footing for your online business as you thrive and grow together, with the learning and methods that you learn along the way. These tips are also timely and significant for your business for a long run.