What Makes a Perfect Article Title?

With online writing, an article title has to accomplish many things. It has to make it easier for the reader to find the article. It has to tell the reader what the article is about. It has to entice the reader to read the article. It has to be acceptable for submission to article directories. How do you accomplish all this in one title?


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Sometimes you can’t. Still, you try to include as many elements of a good title as you can. The “best” or “perfect” title will be a different combination of factors for each unique article. Let’s look at what makes the title of this article work.

Take Note of The Keywords that You Will Use

They won’t read your article if they can’t find it. How do they find it? Most often now, readers use search engines. If you don’t have the keywords they are searching for in the title, it is less likely it will show up in their search results. In this case, there is good traffic for the keyword “online writing.” That is why it is in the title and will be repeated in this article a few times as well.

Avoid Click baiting

You can get cute with article titles, but if you don’t also let the reader know what the article is about in the title or description, you’ll have problems. A searcher may just pass on your article because he doesn’t know what it is about. He may click-through to read the article, then get annoyed when he finds that he was mislead. He won’t be likely to click over to your website then, will he? This article, by the way, is clearly about online writing.

Use Power Words when Writing a Title

Questions involve the reader, and make it more likely they will go beyond the title to the article. They want the answer, of course. That’s why I use a question for this article. The fact that you are reading this article hopefully shows that this was a good strategy. There is more than one way to grab someone’s attention though. Other good titles include words like “How To,” “Top Ten,” and “Easy Ways To,” as well as “You,” “Your,” “Free,” “New,” and “Best.”

Check the Formatting

Titles for online article-writing need to be acceptable to the owners of the directories, websites, and newsletters where you hope your article will be published. Good keyword optimization helps – you’re not the only one hoping to get traffic from that article. They also need to be a reasonable length, so they don’t look awkward on a page, or take too much room in a newsletter. Three to seven words is ideal although more words are okay if they are shorter, and perhaps fewer is better if they are longer.

Finally, you should always deliver on the promise of the title. You want the reader to not only read the article, but to feel like they got what they were looking for, and so can trust you. After all, the whole point of online writing is to get that reader to read right through the article to the resource box, where they can click-through to your website.


A Gamer’s  Guide on Finding the Best Mobile Broadband Plan

Photo credit: Toshiyuki IMAI via Flickr
Photo credit: Toshiyuki IMAI via Flickr

Technology has definitely taken its toll on all of us, especially on teenagers. With the latest innovation, they are hooked to gadgets like gaming consoles or smart phones. These gadgets offer a lot of things to do with the use of applications. From games, social networking sites, to photo sharing applications. For the boys, gaming is their turf. Today, gaming has innovated from using CD-ROMs to downloading them online. But unfortunately, to enjoy these games, you need a fast internet connection.

The usage of a fast and reliable broadband connection can come in handy for gamers who wish to avoid lagging and slow downloads. If a gamer like you is struggling to score a good internet deal, here are some things you should know in finding the best mobile broadband in the market.

Know your unit

Knowing the unit of your gaming console depends on what type of broadband plan you are going to get. If you are a smartphone game application type of person, using a WiFi connection in downloading games. Using a mobile internet eats up a lot of megabytes which tends to slow down your download and online experience as well. As for gamers who use laptops or personal computers, opting for a pocket internet is the best deal for you. Not only can you bring it anywhere, it also can handle the minimum amount of megabytes required for gaming and downloads.

Determine your desired speed

Online gaming is all about internet speed. With all the graphics and connectivity needed in order to play at ease, one must acquire for a fast internet connection. Lagging, hanging and all those various glitches are those gamers can experience once they have very slow internet. This does not fulfill the total gaming experience of a hardcore gamer and can cause problems with your computer as well.

Score for affordable plans

Finding a broadband plan that has very fast internet connection but is cheap is hard to find. Usually, companies offer high quality internet speed but offer a huge amount to pay.  There are many broadband companies out there that offer affordable yet reliable internet connection. Just make sure that you know your budget and it satisfies your standards when it comes to your gaming experience.

Gamers are not that easy to please, especially when it comes to online gaming. Once they start playing, delays and distractions along the way cannot satisfy their gaming pleasure. Having a good internet connection is the key factor to have high class and satisfactory gaming experience. In order for  you to have quality gaming, one must have the best mobile broadband plan there is in the market. Not to mention affordable plans companies have to offer today in order to attract more customers to avail of their products.

Having the best mobile broadband is a must for every person who needs internet connectivity, not just for gamers. Quality is the important  in every internet connection to have an experience that fits every person’s standards.

Why Better Designed Brands Stand Out?

Ever wonder why Apple and Samsung sell more mobile phones compared to any other cellphone brands? Similar to Monster and Red Bull compared to any other energy drink? Let’s simply put – it’s all about branding.


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Yes, being up to date with the latest trend is important for you to capture the interest of the consumers, but the heart of any successful business lies on good marketing and branding. This is how you will introduce your product, the same way that you would let them know that you are better than the rest. You may have the best product out there, but if your position is not right – it wouldn’t sell like hotcakes.

Why do you need good branding?

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Gets Attention

Good branding will capture attention. Once that’s done, you may have a higher chance of selling your products and services. And from there, the consumer themselves might spread the word about it. We all know word of mouth is still the best advertising any company could get. Obviously, this would result to higher sales that can be equated to higher profit. No wonder there are some advertisers who would make controversial headlines just to get attention.

Creates Impression

When you brand your products or services, it is very important to make an impression to your targeted audience. And of course, you have to make a good one. Otherwise, you might already lose a potential client. Commercials that are conceptualized effectively often create an impression that lasts to its audience. Tag lines like “Just do it” is tantamount to the brand itself – Nike. Being able to create a phrase that can be referred to the brand interchangeably is indeed a very effective branding strategy.


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Brand Ambassadors

Big companies are really putting their money intro trusted and notable personalities as influencers for their products. Athletes, professionals and celebrities are the most usual ambassadors brands hire. Brands can also be associated with these people, thus these personalities are also taking good care of their reputation to be effective and outstanding representation of the brands that they carry. Broadband for seniors at Compare Broadband even get personalities that their clients can relate to for their products.

Keeps Retention

Even with such big names, successful companies spend a lot of their budget on marketing and branding their products to ensure that the consumers will keep coming back for more. Hence, you’d see ever changing logos, captivating taglines and even easy to sing jingle year after year. This is to ensure that the brand is at par with that of the consumers’ interests.

Brand Ambassadors

Big companies are really putting their money intro trusted and notable personalities as influencers for their products. Athletes, professionals and celebrities are the most usual ambassadors brands hire. Brands can also be associated with these people, thus these personalities are also taking good care of their reputation to be effective and outstanding representation of the brands that they carry.

Bottom line, if you want your product to sell, let it be known with marketing strategies, logos, brand design and even a catch phrase where your target market can relate with your brand.

What’s to Look Forward to in E3 2016

E3 is finally here and all of our speculations, predictions and wishes in the gaming industry are about to be unveiled. The event scheduled from June 13 to 16. Some of the big names to look forward to in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo include Nintendo, Capcom, Activision, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

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So what is the rave all about for this year’s E3? The event just happens to be the biggest annual event in gaming that includes top companies all over the world and uses the event to introduce and release they present games and hardware as what fans expect.

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Here are a few of the exciting announcements that fans are hoping to achieve in E3 2016.

  1.       A slimmer version of the Playstation 4 that has been making rounds in the internet via the code-name “Neo”. The said console from Sony is said to be 4K video compatible and accommodate the Playstation VR and matches the requirements in terms of graphics and performance of the upcoming video games.
  2.       An upgraded version of the Xbox One is also expected to go head to head with Sony’s Neo. This device is said to be the solution to the current gaming consoles performance mishaps. The console goes by the code-name Scorpio and is rumored to be 4x better and faster than the original Xbox One.
  3.       VR devices and VR games are expected to flourish and be a common denominator among the booths that will present in the event. Further developments on Microsoft’s Hololens and the Oculus Rift are also expected to be featured in this year’s event.
  4.       Cross platform online gaming is also one of the exciting game developments that are expected to be introduced in this year’s E3. This allows Xbox One players go up against players using PC and PS4. However, to push through further with such, Sony’s cooperation with Microsoft is a must.
  5.       As for game released, a handful of games are expected to make an appearance in the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This include Attack on Titan, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Legend of Zelda, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

E3 has really managed to become one of the top and most anticipated gaming and technology events of the year.

Virtual Reality on Todays Favorite Video Games

Video games can be considered as pop art. It offers an interactive recreational platform that satisfies the craving of its users. With the way technology is developing nowadays, it is not a surprise to see video games developing together with this. One of the latest developments of which is virtual reality.

There was really a great buzz about the development of several VR gears that would change the way we play video games and use our mobile devices. Virtual reality was something we only thought was possible in the movies, but with the way technology has changed, it is a reality of today.

Virtual reality continues to grow. The release of the Google Cardboard was just a soft launch together with the development of HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. A lot are definitely excited with these new changes about to grace the video game world, however, some are still not convinced with the idea of headsets providing a different kind of gaming experience to players.

Virtual reality is about to dominate 2016 as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR is bound for release this year. I could only imagine too many games I could play online with these VR gears. Imagine being “King” and seeing how you trample your opponent in Tekken in a virtual world. That would definitely be too exciting.

AltspaceVR is one of the latest apps that you can look forward to experiencing with a VR headset. This app allows you and other users to interact in a virtual environment with your avatar, interacting with other user’s avatars. You can practically play chess or do group tasks together with other users. You get the chance to play chess with someone located at the opposite side of the world, in a virtual world, how cool can that be?

Experience a mission on the outer space gone wrong with Escape Velocity using the Oculus Rift. This VR gear has higher graphical capacities and positional tracking making the experience extra sensational. You can definitely experience things you never imagine could be possible.

There is more to virtual reality in video games that we had hoped it be. This year is definitely a breakthrough in the VR experience and the years to come are about to become even more exciting.

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Latest Mobile Phone Perfect for Your Mobile Needs

Mobile phones are just a dream from the past. However, with the way technology develops nowadays, a new phone practically becomes available every other month for the public. New applications and software are also being developed to make mobile phones even easier and productive to use. Mobile phones have become a necessity to the millennials of today, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

We bet you are planning to change your mobile phone and that’s precisely the reason why you are reading this. In this brief article, we are going to share with you which one is the best for your needs. With NBN broadband plans available practically anywhere, being on the go, on mobile and connected is now possible. Of course, we will also consider the features that may lead you to decide in getting a new phone right now.

Apple iPhone SE


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Apple is still on top of its game. And it keeps getting better after their release of iPhone SE. It’s smaller than the other iPhones which makes it handy and fashionable at the same time. What sets it apart is that it has longer battery life than iPhone 5S (they kind of look the same). Now you can use the device for a considerably longer period of time. This model is also considered as the more affordable version of the Apple 6S, only in a smaller case.

HTC One M9


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Now if you want a stylish mobile phone, we suggest that you take a second look at HTC One M9. It’s also perfect if you are always listening to cool tunes using your phone. With its Boomsound speakers, that will never be a problem. For those who are always taking photos, this device will serve you well. Its camera has been boosted to 20.7 MP which gives you clear and vivid pictures. However, please note that its snapping feature isn’t at par with other advanced smartphones

Nexus 6P


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You don’t like complicated interface? Then Nexus 6P is your best bet. This is a large phone that houses upgraded features. You also have an added security with the finger scanner on the back. While it is more expensive than the other Nexus phones, you’d really get the value from it. All the android users will surely fall in love with it. But if you don’t feel a bulky gadget, better get something which is palm – friendly.

In a nutshell, these 3 phones are all good and will satisfy your mobile and internet needs. It will just depend on your needs or the features that you utilize on a regular basis on which phone to get. Budget is also a big consideration for mobile users.

If You’re an Online Entrepreneur, avoid these to become more productive

Being an online entrepreneur has its perks and consequences. You can do business while in your pajamas. You can read your emails and attend to business meetings while sipping coffee on your favorite cafeteria. However, you are 24/7 online checking email alerts, phone calls, text messages, notifications, tweets and practically on your Smartphone or communication device to attend to your client needs. Working online and being an entrepreneur on your e-commerce website does not entirely relive you from being responsible and being on top of your daily operations.

So yes, those frequent trips to the park or sleeping on the couch can hurt your business in the long run. Even though no one is looking and frequently checking on you, being productive is a must. Setting your mind to the fact that the decisions you make today will affect your business in the future will help you keep things straight.

Though it may seem that you really have a lot of things to do to manage your business, you can still avoid being exhausted and spend time productively, even with your favorite brewed coffee on one hand.

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Here are some tips to follow to stay productive even at home, working online.

  1.    Know your boundaries

Practice strong and disciplined boundaries when it comes to your time. It is important to stick with a schedule to be able to finish what’s needed to be done. It may be difficult to resist checking on your social media accounts or skipping coffee or ditching your favorite sofa, but in the long run, this is worthwhile.

  1.    Free yourself from distractions

Work inside a quiet separate room or simply limit your exposure to things, people and activities that may gear you away from your priorities. Include breaks in your schedule when needed but avoid spending too much of your time being distracted. Distractions also hinder you on improving in your craft.

  1.    Hire help if needed

There will come at time when you cannot handle all the daily activities on your online business anymore. Invest in hiring a virtual assistant to be able to designate work. Too much work also deprives you from the essence of being able to work at home. When you see yourself spending less and less time with your family, even while you are at home working, it’s time to weigh in on getting help and distributing your works. Use online and offline tools in managing your activities like automatic mail responders and social media auto-poster software.

  1.    Allocate your time wisely

Calculate the amount of time that you should be spending on a task. Take note of this and challenge yourself to do it faster the next time without compromising the quality of your work. This also helps in figuring out if you are still improving in your craft and if there are other ways and options that can be applied to continuously improve the system and daily activities that you do at work.

Working from home is still work. Without discipline and focus, your dreams for success will remain to be on the horizon.