Hi, there. The name’s Jacqui.

I am an entrepreneur who constantly uses the internet for my daily activities related to my business. Knowing that internet and everything surrounding it is essential for my biz, I decided to create a blog dedicated to all the things about the internet and its services as well as how a computer-savvy person like me can make the most out of my ISP plan. Before I launched my startup children wear’s line, I enjoyed working for a non-government organization that looks after children that were left by their families. Being surrounded by children inspired me to become an advocate for their needs, both in the physical, emotional, and financial aspects of their lives. A part of the profits that my company gets goes to charities sending orphaned kids to school.

Jacqui on the Web is blog about the World Wide Web and the internet. It talks about its origins, highlights, and present issues that affect both the online entrepreneur and many internet enthusiasts. The blog focuses on the latest updates about internet service and providers and how every online user can take advantage of the perks and offers available in the market. I will also share here the successes and challenges I experience being a mom, entrepreneur, and online marketer. Hope you can support me and my blog by tuning in to my posts and sharing your thoughts on different topics.


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