Design Ideas to Create the Most Stunning Websites

If you would want to put your start-up company on the web, it is necessary to create the most creative website that will catch people’s attention and will keep visitors from visiting your website. To be able to make your target market aware of the information, services and the products that you offer, making the first impression on your website count is a must. The impression should be developed by your creative website with the visitor’s mind considered to be able to create a more appealing website for your business. Here are some tips you can follow.


Photo Credit: Shelby White via Pinterest

A Well Written About Page

Getting ideas on your target market requires feedback. A contact page, thus is essential to be able to create a relationship or a venue for communication between you and your client. Giving your email address to your client to allow them to contact you directly. The about is page on the other hand provides the information on what your company offers. Your home web pages should also link back to your Home page as necessary.

Website Aesthetics

Your website should be aesthetically attractive. The color selection should look nice and be readable. A light design would make it easier on the eyes of your visitors. Telstra unlimited internet included in Compare Broadband Australia’s website is a good example for this.

Professional Looking

Your website should be professional, in proper title pages. The content must be placed and unnecessary content must be avoided in a proper way. At first site, it should be able to show the visitor’s interest for continuing your website.

Small Size Pages for Easy Loading

Small size webpages must be comprehensive, good looking and loads fast. It only takes 6 seconds to catch your visitors attention. If you fail to catch their attention due to a poor loading website, you’ll end up losing a potential client in the process.


Fresh content is important. But the choice of text used in your website is also important. The background of your website should be light to allow your texts to be darker and to standout. All fonts should be chosen properly so that they can be easily available in any type of computer or browser. Surfing the site easy should be a prime consideration. Avoiding capitalized letters as much as possible is also important.

Background images and formats

You should keep your background images to a minimum unless you have a photography website. It makes your pages harder to load, view and read. Your image formats should be in GIF and JPEG mostly except for logos which preferably should be in PNG.


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