Hiring Talents Online: How to Find the Best Talent for Your Needs

Working online is one of the conveniences that we get to enjoy thanks to modern technology. However, there will come a time when you need to get an extra hand to be able to do all the work once you have managed to become successful and acquired a number of clients and projects online. This also allows you to have control over your free time, something you might have missed after being too busy with the projects and clients that you have acquired throughout your career online.

There are a lot of freelancing marketplaces where you can get talents and job seekers that can fill the need that you currently have. However, too many options can also make it too confusing for you to pick the right person, due to the overwhelming number of options in front of you.

Examining on whether a possible hire is indeed the right person for your requirement is a hard task. It is quite tricky and sometimes, it is really hard to find someone you can really trust. However, when the right approach is made, you can actually hire the right freelance writer, developer, designer or marketing expert that will be able to put a profitable input to your business.

Know whether what you need is experience or talent

You can get a professional with talent and experience but they may come at a high price. If you do not have the budget to get a professional with experience and with talent, you can go for a rookie that has promising experience. You can later on decide if that person is worth keeping or not.

Always ask for a portfolio

Your potential hire should be able to present proofs of their work, either from past clients or sample projects that they have related to your need. A resume seems to be insufficient to give you a practical idea of the experience or what the freelancer can actually do for you.

Ask for a sample project

If you require a specific set of skills for your freelancer, you might want to give a paid sample project for them. Some freelancers may not be interested in submitting samples, but if you pay them for doing so, you will most likely get a result that is a product of their effort. Doing so also identifies the strength and weaknesses of your freelancer.  From here, you can decide if they are trainable and if they can really work on what you need from your freelancer.

Creating a good professional relationship is another thing. It should be treated as a give and take relationship. Remember that both of you are actual people and not machines and that both of you are professionals. Treat them with respect and you will most likely beget respect as well. Trust on the other hand can be developed though time.

Meanwhile, below is an infographic on how to create that winning resume to get your first job online.


Photo Credit: Popsugar via Pinterest


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