Things to Look Forward Too in Technology in the Next Decade

Technology has indeed reached far greater heights, more than we have already imagined. After Apple’s big push towards a wireless future, I can’t help but wonder that the future awaits when it comes to technology and other devices.

Everything is started to become wireless. Wireless headphones like Apple’s AirPods are being introduced in the market. Wireless mouse, keyboards, printers and display adapters. Come to think of it, a wireless future means that will be no snags, tangles and breakages anymore. Everything would be the same minus these inconveniences. This is something I find magnificent. Of course, the improvement in technology is not limited to wireless gadgets. Let us look at the other possibilities, technology have to offer in the decade to come.


Photo Credit: IKEA USA via Pinterest

Faster internet broadband plans

Faster internet, something 10X faster than what we get to enjoy today is something worth looking forward to in the future. Starry, an internet company came up with the idea of delivering gigabit internet – 1,000 Mbps, or 125 megabytes per second, to the public with just minimal upgrades in infrastructure. This is said to be possible within the coming decade, or even less.

This works by transmitting internet signals via transmitters dotted around a city that acts like cell towers. This signal is then received by an antenna installed outside a window that is then transmitted via cable to the Starry WiFi router or a router of your choice. This exciting development is already in beta in Boston and would roll out in more cities by 2017.

LiFi Internet access


Photo Credit:  Data Manager via Pinterest

LiFi internet makes the internet accessible via LED light bulbs. This works by flickering LED light bulbs quickly, allowing it to transmit Visible Light Communication Signals (VLC) to digital devices that is capable of accepting VLC. This is possible by installing a small microchip to every potential device that illuminates. Internet spends of up to 224 gigabits per second is what the LiFi commits that makes it possible to download an 8K, 90-minute movie in 22 seconds. This technology is believed to be available for the public in 3 to 5-year time.

Companies creating licenses for their own wireless standards

This is something like Google Cast or Apple’s AirPlay. This technology is often better than an alternative that is not under a proprietary, since the company developing the standard is not beholden to other needs.

The development playing field is distorted because of the risks of letting a smaller group of company hold the key over everyone else. This is also believed to be the reason why it would also be difficult to have a smooth sailing wireless future.