Blogging and Adsense: The Perfect Online Partnership

At present, Google Adsense is considered as one of the strongest platform for contextually relevant advertisements for a company or product on a website. If a visitor clicks on the advertisement to check it out, the website that posted the advertisement earns a percentage of the revenue. With this in mind, many website and blog owners aspires to have Google Adsense on their pages and monetize from it. Blogging for one is a very good source of Adsense profits.

Here are a few tips on increasing your earnings with Adsense via your blogs.

Finding the right keywords to work with is the key to potentially earning from your blog through Adsense advertisements. Choose a niche site with a sufficient number of advertisements is available for posting. Use keyword planning tools to be able to find out the most common keywords and how much is paid per keyword. Getting your sites and blogs ranked well on search engines through the articles that you have on your website and the links that you have built around your website.

It is also important to take note of having relevant advertisements to the contents that you have on your blog or website. This gives your site better chances in making it to the top of search engines. You can also place Adsense codes on your website template to enjoy Google Adsense feature of displaying relevant ads to your website. Configure your web traffic together with the results that you are getting from your Adsense ads to be able to device a working strategy for your website.

Placing ads on your website is also a key note to take in consideration. Banner ads, pop up ads and scrollable ads can be placed in different areas of your website that may not be intrusive with the overall look of your pages. A maximum of 3 advertisements on each web page is encouraged by Google Adsense. Highest paid advertisements are usually posted on the hotspots of your webpage.

Making your website more searchable and relevant is the key in making the most out of the potential earnings you can make from Adsense. Check out this video for more tips on how to effectively make money from Adsense through your blog and websites.


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