Blogging for a Living: Here’s How

Some people are still clueless on how to make money from blogging. Whenever I get the chance to explain what I do in my work online, I still get those confused stares and those impressive reactions whenever they understand how I manage to make a living at the comfort of my home through blogging.

Most people will create their personal blog where they can post opinions and views. They get direct advertisers from time to time while others host Adsense blogs on their pages. Professional bloggers on the other hand make money from their personal blog through the expertise and information that they share online. If you are interested in living the life of a blogger, here are a few basic tips that can help you get started.

First and foremost, most bloggers make income from their blogs by partnering with advertisers. Adsense as an example allows you to earn from the revenues that they get from the contextual ads that they post on your blogs or websites. You decide on where to place ads as well as what ads to host or not. The advertisements constantly changes according to the context of the text in your blogs.

Being a blogger also boils down to trying to get more traffic to your site. More traffic is equivalent to more views and more opportunities for your advertisements to be clicked by your readers. Thus providing relevant and timely information in your blog that will keep your readers coming back for more is a must. The more keyword rich your content is, the more likely traffic will come.

Knowing which keywords to work on is also one important factor to consider. If you blog alone, it would be difficult to blog about every possible keyword out there. Identifying a nice or a set of keywords you can focus with on your blog is important to successfully index your blog and websites to search engines.

Here are a few more tips from bloggers who made it big on blogging.


Blogs vs Websites: What’s the Difference

Online journals, better known as blogs, are becoming more and more popular. Jumping to the blogging bandwagon seems so enticing most especially if you see bloggers travelling the world for free through the money they get from blogging. The appeal of earning a five figure or 6-figure income while you sleep through blogging is also a dream of many.

On the other hand, when the Internet was first getting started, users rushed to build personal web sites. Web sites are still very popular among web users, but many are now turning to blogs. What’s the difference? This article will examine the main similarities and differences between a Weblog and a website. However, both can be conveniently accessed through Belong Internet from Compare Broadband Australia.

Blogs and websites were created with different purposes. However, they have redeeming similarities as well. They are both found on the internet using a URL or what you call a web address. Both also provide some sort of useful information online. Both can also be managed by a single person or a group of individuals. They both contain pictures, links and keywords.

However, with blogs, information that is entered on the site is generally updated very frequently depending on the writer. Some writers are capable of blogging several times a day while others write one blog every week. As for a website, information and content posted on the pages are not updated regularly unless major content revisions are required. Sometimes blog writers even update several times a day. Usually with a website, information is not updated regularly. Changes done in a website also becomes unavailable for the readers and the information is gone unless it is posted back up on the website.

Websites are also harder to maintain compared with blogs. Websites requires a deeper and solid understanding of the way the internet works. With a blog, almost anyone can easily and quickly update a blog. It does not require any special working knowledge of the Internet. In addition, there are many sites that offer blog features and most of the time these can be used for free.

Blogs are also commonly used for communication. There is more interaction in a blog compared to a website. Blogs also offers a lot of things websites don’t such as guest posting, keyword tracking, hit counters, comment areas and even tag boards. Websites are mostly places where readers go to gather information and would rarely interact with the people behind the website.

Blogs and websites have their similarities and differences. However, blogs offers a unique opportunity for a writer to communicate with their reader and update their content according to what their readers may enjoy reading. Anyone who tries blogging will definitely enjoy the instant gratification of being able to voice out what you want online and get people’s insight about what you share online.

Blogging and Adsense: The Perfect Online Partnership

At present, Google Adsense is considered as one of the strongest platform for contextually relevant advertisements for a company or product on a website. If a visitor clicks on the advertisement to check it out, the website that posted the advertisement earns a percentage of the revenue. With this in mind, many website and blog owners aspires to have Google Adsense on their pages and monetize from it. Blogging for one is a very good source of Adsense profits.

Here are a few tips on increasing your earnings with Adsense via your blogs.

Finding the right keywords to work with is the key to potentially earning from your blog through Adsense advertisements. Choose a niche site with a sufficient number of advertisements is available for posting. Use keyword planning tools to be able to find out the most common keywords and how much is paid per keyword. Getting your sites and blogs ranked well on search engines through the articles that you have on your website and the links that you have built around your website.

It is also important to take note of having relevant advertisements to the contents that you have on your blog or website. This gives your site better chances in making it to the top of search engines. You can also place Adsense codes on your website template to enjoy Google Adsense feature of displaying relevant ads to your website. Configure your web traffic together with the results that you are getting from your Adsense ads to be able to device a working strategy for your website.

Placing ads on your website is also a key note to take in consideration. Banner ads, pop up ads and scrollable ads can be placed in different areas of your website that may not be intrusive with the overall look of your pages. A maximum of 3 advertisements on each web page is encouraged by Google Adsense. Highest paid advertisements are usually posted on the hotspots of your webpage.

Making your website more searchable and relevant is the key in making the most out of the potential earnings you can make from Adsense. Check out this video for more tips on how to effectively make money from Adsense through your blog and websites.

Computer Accessories Fit For Your Online Business

We now live in a fast- paced society wherein people want their life and work to be fast and convenient. Since the introduction of the internet, online businesses have increased dramatically as transactions through the web is the most efficient. It also enables you to connect with your client without leaving the convenience of your own home.

If you are an entrepreneur who is in line with this kind of business, there are computer accessories that you can use in order to have a more profitable online business.

Portable Wi-Fi

The advantage of online businesses in comparison with traditional ones is its mobility. As long as you have an internet connection, whether you are in your house, at a coffee shop or even at the beach, you can still continue with your transactions. To do this you need to have a portable Wi-Fi. Portable Wi-Fi is basically your internet on the go. No need to find a place that offers Wi-Fi connection as you already have one at the palm of your hand. Simply insert a sim card with an internet service to your portable wi-fi and voila – you have your connection. You can also connect your other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Getting the best and most suitable internet broadband plans for your needs is also a must to maximize your use of the internet service that you have.

Portable chargers

Since with online businesses you can work almost everywhere, you have to be prepared in every scenario. You got your laptop and you have your portable Wi-Fi but what if your laptop battery drains on you and there is no electric socket to plug into? You then need to have a portable charger. It enables you to charge your laptop or your other gadgets without the need to plug in to a wall socket. There are a variety of portable charger in the market that offers different charging capacity. Get the one that suits your need.

External Hard drive

In the world of computers they say that there is no such thing as too much memory. Well that is true since you will need all the memory you can have to save all your work. Plus it is a good backup plan just in case something went wrong with your computer and you then lose your files.

With these accessories, you can definitely have your online business up and running anytime and anywhere.