What’s to Look Forward to in E3 2016

E3 is finally here and all of our speculations, predictions and wishes in the gaming industry are about to be unveiled. The event scheduled from June 13 to 16. Some of the big names to look forward to in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo include Nintendo, Capcom, Activision, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

Carlos Patino.jpg

Photo Credit: Carlos Patino via Pinterest

So what is the rave all about for this year’s E3? The event just happens to be the biggest annual event in gaming that includes top companies all over the world and uses the event to introduce and release they present games and hardware as what fans expect.

George Baset.jpg

Photo Credit: George Baset via Pinterest

Here are a few of the exciting announcements that fans are hoping to achieve in E3 2016.

  1.       A slimmer version of the Playstation 4 that has been making rounds in the internet via the code-name “Neo”. The said console from Sony is said to be 4K video compatible and accommodate the Playstation VR and matches the requirements in terms of graphics and performance of the upcoming video games.
  2.       An upgraded version of the Xbox One is also expected to go head to head with Sony’s Neo. This device is said to be the solution to the current gaming consoles performance mishaps. The console goes by the code-name Scorpio and is rumored to be 4x better and faster than the original Xbox One.
  3.       VR devices and VR games are expected to flourish and be a common denominator among the booths that will present in the event. Further developments on Microsoft’s Hololens and the Oculus Rift are also expected to be featured in this year’s event.
  4.       Cross platform online gaming is also one of the exciting game developments that are expected to be introduced in this year’s E3. This allows Xbox One players go up against players using PC and PS4. However, to push through further with such, Sony’s cooperation with Microsoft is a must.
  5.       As for game released, a handful of games are expected to make an appearance in the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This include Attack on Titan, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Legend of Zelda, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

E3 has really managed to become one of the top and most anticipated gaming and technology events of the year.


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