Online Collaboration: Sharing and Business Rolled Into One


Photo Credit: Eat Sleep Draw via Pinterest

Imagine two companies. One is well-established and has been in the industry for a number of years. It has the resources to do whatever it wants. The other, a new small business, a struggling venture is waiting to be known. Though the latter offers a great product, it’s very limited by its resources.  So how can the small business make it big in its respective industry? This is where collaboration comes in.

Nowadays, more and more companies are collaborating as they see this as the way to be known in other markets and industries. Some big companies even collaborate with other big companies to provide better service, or to launch a product that requires both companies’ expertise. So what are the benefits of business collaborations?

In a nutshell, it would have a huge benefit when it comes to the resources of the company. Allow us to give you more of its advantages.

Human Capital

With collaborations, you would have an increased manpower which could result in higher production. You would now be able to accept bigger contracts as you already have the manpower to complete the project. Expertise is also something you can enjoy at a lower cost though collaborations. Getting the best possible people to do the work for you is much possible with collaborations. It’s basically like getting Compare Broadband’s unlimited broadband rather than a limited one.

Physical Capital

This would enable you to have access in a bigger facility, equipment and raw materials. Multiple companies can even ask for better rates from the suppliers. Samsung does not manufacture every piece of item for their cellular phones, they get their chips from a different source as well as their camera’s. This is because they try to save on the physical capital that they use to produce their products.

Intellectual Capital

Now you would have more great minds thinking. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. You get the best ideas, the best concepts and the best plans on how you can execute a project.

Develop New Process

With collaborations, you can learn new technology and knowledge from the other company. This can further improve your own business. Industrial engineers from different companies can make processes on both ends faster and more efficient.

Increase in network

Collaborations would widen your network. Obviously, the wider scope a company can reaches the higher consumer awareness they will have. As a result, more sales are driven to the products collaborated by the business.

As long as the collaborating companies would complement with each other, it would enable them to maximize their potential in gaining profit. It is going to be a win – win situation for both if done properly.


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