Successful Recruitment

In a business, it is important to know the people you work with. Getting the best employee to do the job for you is also a journey, a journey that includes the employer and the company in the process. Thus it is very important to get the right people and bringing the best out of them.

However, one should keep in mind that an applicant will always bring his best foot forward in an interview. Thus it is up to you or your recruiting personal to dig deeper and discover it the person that you are allowing to enter your company is worth your efforts and investments.


Photo Credit: Bustle via Pinterest

Here are some basic tips on how to hire the right people for your company.

Learn the art of the interview

In an interview, your goal is to make the interviewee talk more than you do. Do not throw them with yes or no questions. Inquire about certain points that you would want them to elaborate. This way, you can measure the integrity or the inconsistencies of his thoughts about the issues that you throw at him. Prepare a set of question according to the skills that you require in an employee and then later on give inquiries about integrity related questions that you see fit for your company.

Consider profiling

The right person for the job is not always the most skilled person or the one with the best personality. It should be a combination of both. Your potential employees suitability with the working environment, the people to work with, the demands of the work at present and the future and his willingness to learns are just a few of the important factors to consider besides his capacity to work and fulfill the job that you require.

Do not neglect background checks

It is very important to check possible integrity problems that your potential employee might have been involved with in the past. These include relationship problems with co-workers, financial problems, even underperformance or constantly being late at work. Second chances is all up to you as a recruiter but knowing the problems they had in the past allows you to see possible signs of the same problems resurfacing, this time around in your company.

Attracting applicants and retaining people that will be beneficial for the company is a two way process and should involve the employee and the company as well. Correct recruitment strategies also decreases turnovers and make you investment to your employees worthwhile.


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