Networking Your Business: Quality over Quantity Business Relationships

Networking, for most people is a way on being able to handle people, or business relations, as many as possible. However, this is one of the most common mistakes that networkers do. Holding on to too many connections, without having to measure quality or relevance exhausts a company’s effort and resources. Building quality relationships is what helps in making your career and your business grow.

marco Russo.jpg

Photo Credit: Marco Russo via Pinterest

As the saying goes, choosing who to be with and who to surround yourself with most likely will dictate on who you become. Spending your time is also considered as a very precious investment. Knowing how to invest those precious minutes, especially with people that may model you to become who you want or can potentially be in the future is very important.

Investing in mutual relationships where you can provide support in tangible ways, and get as much as that support when you need it is important. Learn from people and offer something they could learn from you as well to make your personal and business relationships beneficial.

The best thing to do is to find people with the same goals as your or bigger goals that are aligned with your goals as well. Find people who are willing to contribute as much as you do and avoid people who are only focused on themselves.

So how can you find people with the same thinking and goals as yours?

Join Communities and Groups

Communities and groups are featured in several online platforms like Facebook and Google+. It is wise to find time to connect with people who are as willing as you are when it comes to improving your business, service or your personal career. Interact from them and contribute something useful as well to be genuinely part of the community.

Attend Seminars, Free and Paid

It would be wise to invest in seminars and trainings that will help you improve as a person or where you can learn new knowledge for your business. Paid seminars will likely open you to opportunities in meeting people that are really willing to expand their network. Meet people as serious and as dedicated as you are in these types of gatherings.

The quality of your relationships will help you determine the people you choose to influence you and focus time with. As time pass, you will be able to build a professional network of real friends that will really look out and support each other and not just a group where you can trade favors.


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