Email Marketing and the Best Tools for this Platform

Email marketing is still one effective tool that can be used in marketing your business and services. Billions of business emails are still sent daily since 2013 and will continuously grow up until the year 2017 according to research. However, writing and sending an email that will stand out from the competition is the big game changer that will help you rise in your market niche. Luckily, you can get help from several tools online.

Subject Line Teasers

Keyword planners can help a lot in creating the perfect subject line for your business email. Most email users do not have time to read all the emails that they receive in their inbox. It would be wise to write an engaging title that will call your receivers to click and read what’s inside. It would be wise to have an interesting first line on your email because this is already visible together with your subject line in the inbox dashboard. Use power words like FREE, TOP THINGS, IMPORTANT and the like to keep your recipients interested.

Subject Line Gold Beta Software by Touchstone can help you enhance your subject lines to ensure that they are perfectly suited for your reading audience. It has open rate predictors for at most 250 email senders, fast, easy to use and free. Broadband plans AU uses such kind of subject line enhancers but use a different platform.


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Email Marketing Service

Email templates can make your email marketing campaigns easy, creative and fun to do. iContact for example has several available templates that can be customized and used to create newsletters and emails for your marketing needs. Tutorials are also available to help you through the process on how to create a marketing material that will catch the attention of your email subscribers. MailChimp is also an easy to use email marketing platform that even comes with a report on the open rate percentage of your campaigns. It’s free to use but has additional features for a paid account. The great thing about it is that you can integrate your social media platforms so you’ll probably get a few more likes and followers in the process.

Yanko design.jpg

Photo Credit: Yanko Design via Pinterest

Video integration

Videos are also very useful media that can enhance your email subscribers experience as they read your email marketing letters. BombBomb for example allows you to integrate video directly into the email. You’ll have something like a televised commercial on your email adding interest, engagement and results to your email marketing campaigns. This software is paid and would cost you around $25 per month for 500 or less recipients.

Regularly reaching out to your clients is a sign that you interested in providing them with useful insights and information about your business not only to gain a sale but to sincerely let them know that you value their contributions to your business. Doing so helps you gain more subscribers, repeat orders and a loyal following for your services and business.


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