Latest Media Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

Marketing is very important when running a business. Whether big or small, it is very important to reach out to your customers to be able to make your product known and build your brand in the process. There are many ways to use this, both free and paid, and when done correctly, can bring customers to your company.

Visibility and credibility is what makes businesses click. This is also true with Compare Broadband home phone and internet packages that help you go through your online business on a daily basis. Media marketing helps in making your company visible and in building credibility for your business.

There are many media marketing platforms one can tap to market their business. Here are some to name a few.

Social Media

The Yellow Pages might still be a profitable way to market your business. However, with internet and technology on the run and innovating constantly, tapping social media is a must. Small businesses must embrace these forms of media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and the like for they offer free yet interactive opportunities that will help companies connect with their target market.

Mobile marketing

Mobile plays a big role in commerce nowadays. Most mobile users perform their internet daily activities online, even shopping. A majority of the mobile users also completely uses their mobile devices in reading news, browsing websites and the like. Tapping into the mobile market as your platform in marketing your business usually generates leads and sales for your company, even if it is just starting up.

Email marketing

Keeping yourself connected with your subscribers no matter how few or many they are is a must. Providing useful information for your target market will earn you their trust and loyalty, something most business would want to achieve.

The biggest mistake to avoid when promoting small businesses is inconsistency. Many businesses would be busy doing marketing strategies for a month or two and then all of a sudden leave their subscribers clueless afterwards. Avoid popping up every now and then, but aim to have a steady and continuous line with your market. This builds your credibility for your brand as well.


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Networking Your Business: Quality over Quantity Business Relationships

Networking, for most people is a way on being able to handle people, or business relations, as many as possible. However, this is one of the most common mistakes that networkers do. Holding on to too many connections, without having to measure quality or relevance exhausts a company’s effort and resources. Building quality relationships is what helps in making your career and your business grow.

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As the saying goes, choosing who to be with and who to surround yourself with most likely will dictate on who you become. Spending your time is also considered as a very precious investment. Knowing how to invest those precious minutes, especially with people that may model you to become who you want or can potentially be in the future is very important.

Investing in mutual relationships where you can provide support in tangible ways, and get as much as that support when you need it is important. Learn from people and offer something they could learn from you as well to make your personal and business relationships beneficial.

The best thing to do is to find people with the same goals as your or bigger goals that are aligned with your goals as well. Find people who are willing to contribute as much as you do and avoid people who are only focused on themselves.

So how can you find people with the same thinking and goals as yours?

Join Communities and Groups

Communities and groups are featured in several online platforms like Facebook and Google+. It is wise to find time to connect with people who are as willing as you are when it comes to improving your business, service or your personal career. Interact from them and contribute something useful as well to be genuinely part of the community.

Attend Seminars, Free and Paid

It would be wise to invest in seminars and trainings that will help you improve as a person or where you can learn new knowledge for your business. Paid seminars will likely open you to opportunities in meeting people that are really willing to expand their network. Meet people as serious and as dedicated as you are in these types of gatherings.

The quality of your relationships will help you determine the people you choose to influence you and focus time with. As time pass, you will be able to build a professional network of real friends that will really look out and support each other and not just a group where you can trade favors.

Email Marketing and the Best Tools for this Platform

Email marketing is still one effective tool that can be used in marketing your business and services. Billions of business emails are still sent daily since 2013 and will continuously grow up until the year 2017 according to research. However, writing and sending an email that will stand out from the competition is the big game changer that will help you rise in your market niche. Luckily, you can get help from several tools online.

Subject Line Teasers

Keyword planners can help a lot in creating the perfect subject line for your business email. Most email users do not have time to read all the emails that they receive in their inbox. It would be wise to write an engaging title that will call your receivers to click and read what’s inside. It would be wise to have an interesting first line on your email because this is already visible together with your subject line in the inbox dashboard. Use power words like FREE, TOP THINGS, IMPORTANT and the like to keep your recipients interested.

Subject Line Gold Beta Software by Touchstone can help you enhance your subject lines to ensure that they are perfectly suited for your reading audience. It has open rate predictors for at most 250 email senders, fast, easy to use and free. Broadband plans AU uses such kind of subject line enhancers but use a different platform.


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Email Marketing Service

Email templates can make your email marketing campaigns easy, creative and fun to do. iContact for example has several available templates that can be customized and used to create newsletters and emails for your marketing needs. Tutorials are also available to help you through the process on how to create a marketing material that will catch the attention of your email subscribers. MailChimp is also an easy to use email marketing platform that even comes with a report on the open rate percentage of your campaigns. It’s free to use but has additional features for a paid account. The great thing about it is that you can integrate your social media platforms so you’ll probably get a few more likes and followers in the process.

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Video integration

Videos are also very useful media that can enhance your email subscribers experience as they read your email marketing letters. BombBomb for example allows you to integrate video directly into the email. You’ll have something like a televised commercial on your email adding interest, engagement and results to your email marketing campaigns. This software is paid and would cost you around $25 per month for 500 or less recipients.

Regularly reaching out to your clients is a sign that you interested in providing them with useful insights and information about your business not only to gain a sale but to sincerely let them know that you value their contributions to your business. Doing so helps you gain more subscribers, repeat orders and a loyal following for your services and business.

Internet Marketing: Why Creating Products is So Important

In order for your business to survive, you should always present something fresh. The “it” thing right now might not be the same the next month. Getting left behind by your competitors would be a recipe for disaster in any company. So why is it important that you create new products? The capability of providing useful products for your target market even before they knew they need it as a talent not all entrepreneurs should have.


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To Retain Consumer Interest

People’s “needs and wants” is ever – changing and dynamic. And most of the time, we always want something new that will intrigue us more. New things spark interest! Your company needs to adapt – plain and simple. In addition, people’s interests also depend on the current trends. Remember the time when people were into acoustic music and then everything shifted to rock alternative, to pop, rave so on and so forth. That said, you should be able to follow the trend.

Products End Cycle

Nothing lasts for a lifetime, and so is your product. All products have a life cycle and unfortunately, nothing is permanent. Before you lose your customers, you need to create something new or perhaps, innovate.

Technology Changes Fast

Our technology has a come a long way. Your product would need to get along with these advances in technology. One good example are home theaters. Can you still recall the days where we use large discs and tapes to watch videos? Now you can just download from the internet. While technology is running, so does your product.

To Beat or at least be at Par with your Competitors

As they say, it is a jungle out there. Companies and their competitors have one goal – earn profit. In order to do so, they must outgrow each other. No wonder we get new phone models every few months.

Just remember that all things in life changes regularly, to survive all we have to do is keep up.