Virtual Reality on Todays Favorite Video Games

Video games can be considered as pop art. It offers an interactive recreational platform that satisfies the craving of its users. With the way technology is developing nowadays, it is not a surprise to see video games developing together with this. One of the latest developments of which is virtual reality.

There was really a great buzz about the development of several VR gears that would change the way we play video games and use our mobile devices. Virtual reality was something we only thought was possible in the movies, but with the way technology has changed, it is a reality of today.

Virtual reality continues to grow. The release of the Google Cardboard was just a soft launch together with the development of HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. A lot are definitely excited with these new changes about to grace the video game world, however, some are still not convinced with the idea of headsets providing a different kind of gaming experience to players.

Virtual reality is about to dominate 2016 as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR is bound for release this year. I could only imagine too many games I could play online with these VR gears. Imagine being “King” and seeing how you trample your opponent in Tekken in a virtual world. That would definitely be too exciting.

AltspaceVR is one of the latest apps that you can look forward to experiencing with a VR headset. This app allows you and other users to interact in a virtual environment with your avatar, interacting with other user’s avatars. You can practically play chess or do group tasks together with other users. You get the chance to play chess with someone located at the opposite side of the world, in a virtual world, how cool can that be?

Experience a mission on the outer space gone wrong with Escape Velocity using the Oculus Rift. This VR gear has higher graphical capacities and positional tracking making the experience extra sensational. You can definitely experience things you never imagine could be possible.

There is more to virtual reality in video games that we had hoped it be. This year is definitely a breakthrough in the VR experience and the years to come are about to become even more exciting.

metric buzz.jpg

Photo Credit: Metric Buzz via Pinterest


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