Latest Mobile Phone Perfect for Your Mobile Needs

Mobile phones are just a dream from the past. However, with the way technology develops nowadays, a new phone practically becomes available every other month for the public. New applications and software are also being developed to make mobile phones even easier and productive to use. Mobile phones have become a necessity to the millennials of today, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

We bet you are planning to change your mobile phone and that’s precisely the reason why you are reading this. In this brief article, we are going to share with you which one is the best for your needs. With NBN broadband plans available practically anywhere, being on the go, on mobile and connected is now possible. Of course, we will also consider the features that may lead you to decide in getting a new phone right now.

Apple iPhone SE


Photo Credit: Apple via Pinterest

Apple is still on top of its game. And it keeps getting better after their release of iPhone SE. It’s smaller than the other iPhones which makes it handy and fashionable at the same time. What sets it apart is that it has longer battery life than iPhone 5S (they kind of look the same). Now you can use the device for a considerably longer period of time. This model is also considered as the more affordable version of the Apple 6S, only in a smaller case.

HTC One M9


Photo Credit: Spigen via Pinterest

Now if you want a stylish mobile phone, we suggest that you take a second look at HTC One M9. It’s also perfect if you are always listening to cool tunes using your phone. With its Boomsound speakers, that will never be a problem. For those who are always taking photos, this device will serve you well. Its camera has been boosted to 20.7 MP which gives you clear and vivid pictures. However, please note that its snapping feature isn’t at par with other advanced smartphones

Nexus 6P


Photo Credit: Wired via Pinterest

You don’t like complicated interface? Then Nexus 6P is your best bet. This is a large phone that houses upgraded features. You also have an added security with the finger scanner on the back. While it is more expensive than the other Nexus phones, you’d really get the value from it. All the android users will surely fall in love with it. But if you don’t feel a bulky gadget, better get something which is palm – friendly.

In a nutshell, these 3 phones are all good and will satisfy your mobile and internet needs. It will just depend on your needs or the features that you utilize on a regular basis on which phone to get. Budget is also a big consideration for mobile users.


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