Latest Apps and Software for the Stay-at-Home Freelancer

Are you working at home and on a freelance basis? Then you have to take time reading this post. We will share with you some of the latest apps and software which can help you work more efficiently. This is something you might want to consider if you want more clients on your portfolio, right?


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Taking down notes is essential to be able to track activities, clients, priorities and other activities that you need to attend to with your online business or work. Having it on your notebook might seem wise but when on the go, it would rather be difficult in carrying around your notebook especially in business meetings. Thus having an app that you can access on your PC and your mobile gadget is a must. Evernote helps you can create a ‘project to do list’ or even send messages with this app. What’s great about this is that it supports multiple platform and devices. Now, you can take your notes anywhere you go. Lastly, its interface is also simple, you’d definitely get the hang of it in no time. You can also access it even without your Belong internet available around.


This is not for free but pretty much recommended most especially if you want a great tool for Social Media Management. In today’s age, most people rely on social media. That said, you might as well get something that can help you boost your online visibility. Schedule all your posts for a month in all your social media accounts all on one place with Hootsuite. You also get to monitor the results of your campaigns in an organized report via this application.


One of the best cloud storages ideal for all the freelancers out there is Dropbox. With this, you can sync files on all the gadgets you are using. This is a very efficient tool in managing your files and you don’t have to worry if your hard drive fails. The great thing about this software is that you can even manage your files according to project or client. Sharing is also east and can be restricted or limited to protect your files and data.

Google Calendar

And as a freelancer, you have to keep track of your deadlines. That’s where Google calendar comes in. You don’t have to individually populate the days – the app will do it for you. It’s like your very own personal assistant or scheduler.

Most apps are for free as long as you are using the basic features. It is a must that you use these to organize your time and projects. By doing so, your clients will be satisfied with your output and you’d get more from them. Trust us, if you are still using the manual method of logging everything in your handy old – school notebook, chances are you’d forget something.


Virtual Reality on Todays Favorite Video Games

Video games can be considered as pop art. It offers an interactive recreational platform that satisfies the craving of its users. With the way technology is developing nowadays, it is not a surprise to see video games developing together with this. One of the latest developments of which is virtual reality.

There was really a great buzz about the development of several VR gears that would change the way we play video games and use our mobile devices. Virtual reality was something we only thought was possible in the movies, but with the way technology has changed, it is a reality of today.

Virtual reality continues to grow. The release of the Google Cardboard was just a soft launch together with the development of HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. A lot are definitely excited with these new changes about to grace the video game world, however, some are still not convinced with the idea of headsets providing a different kind of gaming experience to players.

Virtual reality is about to dominate 2016 as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR is bound for release this year. I could only imagine too many games I could play online with these VR gears. Imagine being “King” and seeing how you trample your opponent in Tekken in a virtual world. That would definitely be too exciting.

AltspaceVR is one of the latest apps that you can look forward to experiencing with a VR headset. This app allows you and other users to interact in a virtual environment with your avatar, interacting with other user’s avatars. You can practically play chess or do group tasks together with other users. You get the chance to play chess with someone located at the opposite side of the world, in a virtual world, how cool can that be?

Experience a mission on the outer space gone wrong with Escape Velocity using the Oculus Rift. This VR gear has higher graphical capacities and positional tracking making the experience extra sensational. You can definitely experience things you never imagine could be possible.

There is more to virtual reality in video games that we had hoped it be. This year is definitely a breakthrough in the VR experience and the years to come are about to become even more exciting.

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Latest Mobile Phone Perfect for Your Mobile Needs

Mobile phones are just a dream from the past. However, with the way technology develops nowadays, a new phone practically becomes available every other month for the public. New applications and software are also being developed to make mobile phones even easier and productive to use. Mobile phones have become a necessity to the millennials of today, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

We bet you are planning to change your mobile phone and that’s precisely the reason why you are reading this. In this brief article, we are going to share with you which one is the best for your needs. With NBN broadband plans available practically anywhere, being on the go, on mobile and connected is now possible. Of course, we will also consider the features that may lead you to decide in getting a new phone right now.

Apple iPhone SE


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Apple is still on top of its game. And it keeps getting better after their release of iPhone SE. It’s smaller than the other iPhones which makes it handy and fashionable at the same time. What sets it apart is that it has longer battery life than iPhone 5S (they kind of look the same). Now you can use the device for a considerably longer period of time. This model is also considered as the more affordable version of the Apple 6S, only in a smaller case.

HTC One M9


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Now if you want a stylish mobile phone, we suggest that you take a second look at HTC One M9. It’s also perfect if you are always listening to cool tunes using your phone. With its Boomsound speakers, that will never be a problem. For those who are always taking photos, this device will serve you well. Its camera has been boosted to 20.7 MP which gives you clear and vivid pictures. However, please note that its snapping feature isn’t at par with other advanced smartphones

Nexus 6P


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You don’t like complicated interface? Then Nexus 6P is your best bet. This is a large phone that houses upgraded features. You also have an added security with the finger scanner on the back. While it is more expensive than the other Nexus phones, you’d really get the value from it. All the android users will surely fall in love with it. But if you don’t feel a bulky gadget, better get something which is palm – friendly.

In a nutshell, these 3 phones are all good and will satisfy your mobile and internet needs. It will just depend on your needs or the features that you utilize on a regular basis on which phone to get. Budget is also a big consideration for mobile users.