Are Co-Working Spaces Fertile Ground for Entrepreneurship?

Co-working is not a new thing for startup nomads and online entrepreneurs. The usual home-based working environment has managed to grow from working in coffeehouse with WiFi connection to actual cubicles inside offices in both high-end and average offices in the metro. These working spaces are now creating an impact on working communities internationally and have gained momentum in several areas around the world.

Photo Credit: Conceptual Devices via Pinterest

One of the interesting co-working environments that I happened to discover online is the program Remote Year. Since most digital nomads can practically work anywhere around the world, as long as there is internet connection, a group of individuals decided to create this program to make the world see the life of the online entrepreneurs of today. A total of 70 individuals ranging from businessmen, e-commerce store owners, digital artists, SEO experts and the like have embarked in the journey of spending a month in a different city around the world, working their usual stuff online while discovering the beauty and the history of the places that they have been. This people have indeed took co-working into a higher level and managed to go globally. With the year almost about to end, I can only imagine the amount of knowledge and experience these people have managed to acquire while co-working with interesting individuals while travelling around different places for a year.

So besides a new environment to hopefully draw the boredom away from the typical stay at home freelancer and entrepreneur, what does co-working has to offer?

Comfortable places

Although some may see staying at home as their definition of a comfortable working space, some stay-at-home freelancers do not share the same experience. Practically, when you are not living alone, distractions can be one of the reasons why considering to work in an office setting would be beneficial. Doing so also allows you to enjoy the comfort of an actual computer chair, tables, iPrimus internet service, office supplies and office machines that you do not have at home. Naps every now and then can still be enjoyed in co-working spaces. Some even features actual beds where you can catch a few hours of sleep when working for time constricted projects.

Photo Credit: Dezeen via Pinterest

Social life

Staying at home can oftentimes deprive you of meeting new people. Staying in co-working spaces allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee together with a nice conversation about the best apps for graphic design nowadays. Something you can’t enjoy when you work home alone. Interacting with people who understand and really see the big picture of your not so standard way of creating an income is a relief and a breather. You won’t have to continuously explain how your client from Puerto Rico sends you pay for every project that you do or how you make money from your Facebook Fan Page. You can actually meet new people in a different perspective, something beyond your work online.

Possible partnerships

Working online at home also opens you to the possibilities of getting partners that could help you out with your business. However, finding a partner or someone to do a short task for you in a co-working environment will mostly likely guarantee you a professionally done project minus the worries of being able to pay your virtual contractor and then ending up getting nothing. Meeting possible partners in the flesh also allows you to identify if he or she shares the same values and beliefs that you do in the business that you would want him or her to get involved with.

Co-working spaces is a relief, a new experience and can be a way to grow more as an online professional and entrepreneur.


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