The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Working online is not a right but a privilege given to people who have managed to create and display a reputable reputation online not only for their work but as well as their professional interest. Just like brushing one’s teeth, managing your online reputation is done to prevent damages in the future that may stain or permanently hurt your online career in the future. Just like maintaining the health of your teeth, maintaining a reputable and clean reputation online allows you to enjoy a healthy and rewarding career for the long-term.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Siajka via Pinterest

Managing your online reputation is also a constant thing. Once you decide not to brush your teeth, you might end up getting gum disease and it might be too late or it may take a very long time before you can actually make up for your short comings.

If you would want to maintain a career online, a good and lucrative one, online reputation management is thus essential. Here are a few tips on how to keep a good online reputation for the long run whether online or offline.

Build a strong foundation

Having a steady and strong foundation as an online professional diminishes the possibilities of ruining your reputation simply by small rants and gossips. If your brand is already known for its good values and quality, it would take a lot of bad publicity before anyone can try to bring your reputation into question.

Check your search results

Google is a basic way on how to know more about you your product or your service. Be sure that every time one Google’s your name or business, they would most likely get positive reviews or testimonials about you or your online career. Noticed a few nasty remarks that may affect your career? Prepare a damage control program to negate or at least explain your side about certain issues, professional or not that may have tinted your reputation in the past. Of course, you do not need to divulge this information to your clients unless specifically asked for explanations.

Build a social presence

Social media is a very big influencer nowadays. Thus it is important to separate your personal social media accounts with your business ones to avoid conflict of interest. You can also place your personal accounts in private setting to avoid clients and business partners to take a look of your personal life or the things that you would rather want to keep private. It would also be better to use a professional name for your accounts and emails. Get a domain name or username like JohnDoe rather than John2416BlueCrush just to initially let your business partners and customers know that what you mean is business.

Keeping it professional, straight forward and descent are just some of the ways to keep your online presence on a positive note. Be consistent and provide useful, reliable and timely information or services to your clients to be able to enjoy a long-term lucrative and remarkable career online.


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