5 Things to Know About Internet Access in Australia

The internet is one of the important services in the world right now as well as in Australia. It became available permanently in universities as early as 1989 and is now being enjoyed by many citizens as a mean of communication and business.

Here are some of the things you should know about the internet service providers available in Australia.

Photo Credit: Travel ThereNext via Pinterest

Internet access

Internet access can be accessed through varied ranges of technologies in Australia. These include hybrid fibre coaxial cables, digital subscriber lines, satellite internet and integrated services digital network. The Australian government even partnered with the industrial sector to begin rolling out a nationwide Fibre to Premises (FTTP) broadband network last July 2009.

Purpose of the Internet

Australians mostly use the internet for private and personal purposes such as social media and communications. The second most common reason would be for work and the third for education and studying means. With these purposes in mind, we can definitely define how internet service providers target their consuming public. Here is where bundles and internet deals comes in. One interesting deal would be from Foxtel internet that offers a fixed-line service, home internet and Foxtel entertainment all in one bill. It is delivered by the Telstra network ensuring that these is one of the most reliable internet service programs available in the country.

Internet Speed

Internet speed is one of the most significant dictating factors in procuring an internet service connection. On average, the speed that you will be getting in an ADSL2+ Telstra services can throttle back to 256kbps if you exceed your monthly allocation data. Internet speed in Australia currently ranks on the 44th spot among the fastest internet speed connection in the world.

Internet Censorship

Regulations in the use of the internet are under the responsibility of the Australian Communications and Media Authority. It has the power to enforce restrictions on internet contest that is hosted in Australia. Restrictions in the country focus primarily on child pornography, illegal activities and sexual violence.

State and existing territory laws

Materials that are unsuitable to minors are also banned for transmission in Australia. In New South Wales, censorship in the internet was introduced in 2001 and criminalises online materials that are unsuitable for minors. Racial discrimination is also not tolerated in the said country. In 2002, Fredrick Toben, a website owner was ordered to removed material about The Holocaust and vilified Jews in his Australia website. Spoofs websites are also forcibly taken down by the government with no recourse. Any online content that can jeopardize any court case is also instantly removed when requested by the government.


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