The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Working online is not a right but a privilege given to people who have managed to create and display a reputable reputation online not only for their work but as well as their professional interest. Just like brushing one’s teeth, managing your online reputation is done to prevent damages in the future that may stain or permanently hurt your online career in the future. Just like maintaining the health of your teeth, maintaining a reputable and clean reputation online allows you to enjoy a healthy and rewarding career for the long-term.

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Managing your online reputation is also a constant thing. Once you decide not to brush your teeth, you might end up getting gum disease and it might be too late or it may take a very long time before you can actually make up for your short comings.

If you would want to maintain a career online, a good and lucrative one, online reputation management is thus essential. Here are a few tips on how to keep a good online reputation for the long run whether online or offline.

Build a strong foundation

Having a steady and strong foundation as an online professional diminishes the possibilities of ruining your reputation simply by small rants and gossips. If your brand is already known for its good values and quality, it would take a lot of bad publicity before anyone can try to bring your reputation into question.

Check your search results

Google is a basic way on how to know more about you your product or your service. Be sure that every time one Google’s your name or business, they would most likely get positive reviews or testimonials about you or your online career. Noticed a few nasty remarks that may affect your career? Prepare a damage control program to negate or at least explain your side about certain issues, professional or not that may have tinted your reputation in the past. Of course, you do not need to divulge this information to your clients unless specifically asked for explanations.

Build a social presence

Social media is a very big influencer nowadays. Thus it is important to separate your personal social media accounts with your business ones to avoid conflict of interest. You can also place your personal accounts in private setting to avoid clients and business partners to take a look of your personal life or the things that you would rather want to keep private. It would also be better to use a professional name for your accounts and emails. Get a domain name or username like JohnDoe rather than John2416BlueCrush just to initially let your business partners and customers know that what you mean is business.

Keeping it professional, straight forward and descent are just some of the ways to keep your online presence on a positive note. Be consistent and provide useful, reliable and timely information or services to your clients to be able to enjoy a long-term lucrative and remarkable career online.


5 Things to Know About Internet Access in Australia

The internet is one of the important services in the world right now as well as in Australia. It became available permanently in universities as early as 1989 and is now being enjoyed by many citizens as a mean of communication and business.

Here are some of the things you should know about the internet service providers available in Australia.

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Internet access

Internet access can be accessed through varied ranges of technologies in Australia. These include hybrid fibre coaxial cables, digital subscriber lines, satellite internet and integrated services digital network. The Australian government even partnered with the industrial sector to begin rolling out a nationwide Fibre to Premises (FTTP) broadband network last July 2009.

Purpose of the Internet

Australians mostly use the internet for private and personal purposes such as social media and communications. The second most common reason would be for work and the third for education and studying means. With these purposes in mind, we can definitely define how internet service providers target their consuming public. Here is where bundles and internet deals comes in. One interesting deal would be from Foxtel internet that offers a fixed-line service, home internet and Foxtel entertainment all in one bill. It is delivered by the Telstra network ensuring that these is one of the most reliable internet service programs available in the country.

Internet Speed

Internet speed is one of the most significant dictating factors in procuring an internet service connection. On average, the speed that you will be getting in an ADSL2+ Telstra services can throttle back to 256kbps if you exceed your monthly allocation data. Internet speed in Australia currently ranks on the 44th spot among the fastest internet speed connection in the world.

Internet Censorship

Regulations in the use of the internet are under the responsibility of the Australian Communications and Media Authority. It has the power to enforce restrictions on internet contest that is hosted in Australia. Restrictions in the country focus primarily on child pornography, illegal activities and sexual violence.

State and existing territory laws

Materials that are unsuitable to minors are also banned for transmission in Australia. In New South Wales, censorship in the internet was introduced in 2001 and criminalises online materials that are unsuitable for minors. Racial discrimination is also not tolerated in the said country. In 2002, Fredrick Toben, a website owner was ordered to removed material about The Holocaust and vilified Jews in his Australia website. Spoofs websites are also forcibly taken down by the government with no recourse. Any online content that can jeopardize any court case is also instantly removed when requested by the government.

Companies Shaping The Future of the Online Work Economy

Online work is definitely changing according to the changes the internet has presented itself throughout the years. A large chunk of the population worldwide is already filling in their pockets with the opportunities coming from professional work at home that online companies offer worldwide.

Business has indeed gone global and international through the web with outsourced work and opportunities for professionals even in third world countries. Making money on their own time at their own terms and at the convenience of their own home has become a common scene among young and old professionals nowadays.

Here are some of the companies that have paved the way for this professionals and entrepreneurs to launch a business and a career at home, with lucrative rewards received in the process.


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Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce companies that connect sellers with their target markets. Beside the selling opportunity that it offers, Amazon has already came up with Amazon Flex wherein workers can make $18 to $25 an hour for delivering goods and items for Amazon. The company is continuously expanding and improving to remain on the top spot when it comes to ecommerce businesses online.


In just a few years, Uber has managed to change and offer something different for the transportation industry. Lower service and better experience are just two of the factors that made Uber a success.

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Lyft is another app-based transportation service that is getting a slice of the ride-sharing experience from Uber. It recently made headlines after partnering with GM and offers a lower valued service compared to Uber.


Convenient grocery shopping for those who do not have time to do it is what Instacart offers. Local shoppers and independent contractors earns a fee for doing the shopping for someone else in stores like Whole Foods, Target, Costco and Safeway. However it is facing a tough competition against Amazon Prime Now and Walmart’s grocery pickup service.


Google is not just a search engine but also offers a wide variety of innovative industries. It has a ride-sharing service as well called the RideWith that is being tested in Israel. It can be accesses through Waze, another traffic crowd sourcing site that was acquired by Google in 2013.


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Doing different tasks like content writing, VA tasks, video editing to acting or voice-overs are just some of the services offered by Fiverr users for a fair price of $5. Freelancers simply post a task that they can do for $5 and wait for a client to contact them to do the service. Top sellers earn as much as $2000 a day for doing things that they love doing, like sketching or fixing WordPress issues.

The internet and these internet based companies have indeed managed to create a source of income and a venue for creativity for professionals globally. More are expected to emerge in the future bringing a lot of opportunities for individuals who would want to launch a business or career online.

3 Incredibly Useful Internet Tips for Small Businesses

The internet has indeed provided a great place for businesses, whether small or big. Thus most individuals and entrepreneurs are taking the plunge in trying out a small business online, with high hopes of doing it right and making a living out of the businesses that they have managed to create online.

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The best thing about the internet is that it comes with a lot of tools and gateways that can help entrepreneurs and professionals in building their brand and making their online businesses work. Cable broadband providers in Australia and other countries also plays a big role in keeping online business going, but most of all, marketing strategies are the key that makes success possible for a small business, even with a small or scarce amount of resources at hand.

Here are some of the internet gateways and platforms where small businesses can put their focus on as they build and make their brand work online.

Leverage social media

Social media marketing is generally free but can be time-consuming. The same is true with blogging but these are traditional aspects in digital advertising, thus a must for businesses. Working on an active and populated social media account or blog for your business is not an overnight activity. One should really put effort and time into it since you do not have the resources to hire someone or a company to do this for you.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google + can help you build your presence online. You cna make use of Facebook’s scheduled post feature to be able to save time when updating your Facebook pages. Free and paid auto-posting software can also be used to manage your social media accounts when it becomes too much for you to handle. The market that the social media world offers is often times irresistible for entrepreneurs, thus they really put an effort to tap this platform.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the perfect tool that can be used in engaging your costumers. The potentials these avenue offers are big but can be maximized if you know how to take advantage of this free method. Integrate your email marketing campaigns with your other marketing campaigns to be able to achieve maximum impact for your target markets. Facebook contests can have an increased number of participants by sending notices to your subscribers or when you are running a special offer or a limited deal. Any significant marketing move that you implement in your business should reach the knowledge of your subscribers.

Webinars and Press Releases

Competition for visibility online is tough and you would definitely want your business to catch up. Webinars see a 70% rebound according to webcast experts and are interactive that keeps the attention of your leads or potential clients to your product or service. Provide webinars with rich content that are also relevant for a large target audience. It should also be hosted by someone who has experience with running a webinar. Building leads can be achieved with this method.

Press releases on the other hand are an integrated part or your business’s marketing strategy allowing small businesses to directly bring their content directly to their customers. You can connect with bloggers and journalists to create impressive press releases. Posting a press release via a wire service is expensive and will cost around $200 to $300.

Trying out these tips can help you create a strong footing for your online business as you thrive and grow together, with the learning and methods that you learn along the way. These tips are also timely and significant for your business for a long run.