Top Online Resources for Online Start-Ups

Start-ups always offer the surprise of something new. As entrepreneurs start their business – traditional or digital, there are always some good resources to consider to be able to upgrade and update the business as it is being introduced.

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Several online resources are available that can definitely help out building a start-up business. In addition, these given resources can make the work a lot easier and organized. As it innovates to a larger scale with additional benefits and advantages, these resources also provides new avenues to assist entrepreneurs in business start-ups and in the business process as they go along the road to success.

Now that most of the things and transactions are done online, these resources have been utilized online as well. Here are some of the great tools and resources for every start-up:

For interaction to customers

Drip, Intercom, and Mailchimp are some of the applications that can be used to allow interaction towards the customers. Usually, it is being utilized by various websites to have their potential customers and existing ones to subscribe and signups for e-newsletters. Mailchimp for example can be used to create a newsletter or an online flier to inform your clients with what’s the latest about your website or business. You can even send out a really nice flyer using the templates available in the website. Mass emails can be sent via this free service with just a few clicks on your mouse.

For managing projects and tasks

Asana and Trello are online applications that can be used by the start-up team to organize their tasks and manage projects that should be implemented in their designated timeframe. These tools can also allow members to collaborate and interact regarding their tasks at hand. These tools serves as online work boards where both parties or a group can monitor the workflow and the tasks that needs to be attended too in a business, on a daily basis.

For file backups and safety

Dropbox and Google Drive can save files and be a backup of everything needed for the business. Both platforms also allow sharing of files to an email so other members can fully access the files. You can also conveniently access your data anywhere via a PC, mobile gadget or your Smartphone.

For Surveys

To know more about what customers think about the business, certain researches and surveys may be necessary. Survey Monkey can help entrepreneurs to make surveys possible. Moreover, it is easy to use and can be interpreted quickly for establishing new business tactics, strategies and the like. You can also create an online pool via Google Docs and easily gather the information that you need from your clients with the help of a single link sent out to them.

These tools can basically help you get through with y


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