If You’re an Online Entrepreneur, avoid these to become more productive

Being an online entrepreneur has its perks and consequences. You can do business while in your pajamas. You can read your emails and attend to business meetings while sipping coffee on your favorite cafeteria. However, you are 24/7 online checking email alerts, phone calls, text messages, notifications, tweets and practically on your Smartphone or communication device to attend to your client needs. Working online and being an entrepreneur on your e-commerce website does not entirely relive you from being responsible and being on top of your daily operations.

So yes, those frequent trips to the park or sleeping on the couch can hurt your business in the long run. Even though no one is looking and frequently checking on you, being productive is a must. Setting your mind to the fact that the decisions you make today will affect your business in the future will help you keep things straight.

Though it may seem that you really have a lot of things to do to manage your business, you can still avoid being exhausted and spend time productively, even with your favorite brewed coffee on one hand.

Photo Credit: The Nectar Collective via Pinterest

Here are some tips to follow to stay productive even at home, working online.

  1.    Know your boundaries

Practice strong and disciplined boundaries when it comes to your time. It is important to stick with a schedule to be able to finish what’s needed to be done. It may be difficult to resist checking on your social media accounts or skipping coffee or ditching your favorite sofa, but in the long run, this is worthwhile.

  1.    Free yourself from distractions

Work inside a quiet separate room or simply limit your exposure to things, people and activities that may gear you away from your priorities. Include breaks in your schedule when needed but avoid spending too much of your time being distracted. Distractions also hinder you on improving in your craft.

  1.    Hire help if needed

There will come at time when you cannot handle all the daily activities on your online business anymore. Invest in hiring a virtual assistant to be able to designate work. Too much work also deprives you from the essence of being able to work at home. When you see yourself spending less and less time with your family, even while you are at home working, it’s time to weigh in on getting help and distributing your works. Use online and offline tools in managing your activities like automatic mail responders and social media auto-poster software.

  1.    Allocate your time wisely

Calculate the amount of time that you should be spending on a task. Take note of this and challenge yourself to do it faster the next time without compromising the quality of your work. This also helps in figuring out if you are still improving in your craft and if there are other ways and options that can be applied to continuously improve the system and daily activities that you do at work.

Working from home is still work. Without discipline and focus, your dreams for success will remain to be on the horizon.


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