Internet Usage Statistics in Australia

fixed broadband availability
Map showing fixed broadband availability by exchange service area via ABC

Australia is a booming country when it comes to many online industries. The work force is composed of professionals who are also engaged in a second business or even a third entrepreneurial activity that helps in adding up a few hundred or thousands of dollars in their household income and savings.

The internet has become a necessary tool that helps in keeping them connected and in touch with their work at office and even at home. Several stay-at-home moms and entrepreneurs are also engaged in e-commerce websites that provide products and services to fellow Australians, companies, and even off-shore clients.

Around 2012, 88.8% of the population in Australia uses the internet,  with 5,490,000 broadband users in the country-wide. Dial up or narrowband internet access in the country has an average of 128 kilobits per second and above. Most Australians who are hooked in using the internet are in the 15-64 age structure, around 67.2% of the total population using the internet. The second age group which has a share of 19.8% in the total internet user population is in the 0-14 years-old age bracket.

As more and more Australians are increasingly becoming addicted to the internet, hundreds of thousands of terabytes of data are being sucked up by the nation. An increase of 52 percent has been observed from 2011 to 2012, wherein a total of 421,147 terabytes of data have been downloaded by Australians. A typical Aussie spends 82 hours a month on the internet according to reports.

screenshot via gizmodo
Best ISP In Australia According To Netflix via Gizmodo

A total of 69 ISP providers are now available in Australia. Some of the popular internet service providers in the country include TPG, Optus, Primus, Dodo, and Telstra. ISP sizes are categorized into Medium ISPs, Large ISPs, and Very Large ISPs, with 39, 20, and 10 operating companies in each category respectively as of June 2015.

Home phone and internet bundles are also one of the common plans that are available in the Aussie household. The internet is usually used in online streaming digital media which include videos, TV programs, and radio services. Banking and paying bills are also among the primarily uses of the internet in the country.

More and more Australians are being dependent to the convenience that the internet offers. A wide range of activities including gathering of information, communication, banking, and financial transactions have been the main reason behind the increasing demand in the use of the internet. This provides Aussies with flexibility, a wide variety of choices, as well as savings in time and cost.

Mobile users have also reached as much as 30.2 million in the area. This is expected as more mobile gadgets and gaming consoles are developed and made available to the market. The National Broadband Network even forecasts that around 5.53 million new users will emerge by June 2016 with more than half of this activating an NBN service.


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