Advantages of a Home Phone for Your Business at Home

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As a business woman, staying on top of my business — the ins and outs and its daily operations — is a must for me. To do so at the comfort of my home seemed impossible at the time. But with the right gadgets and tools of the trade that I have learned throughout my years in the business, I was able to do so. And I want to share how I did it with you.

With smartphones becoming one of the most predominant gadget and service available nowadays, some may think that having a basic home phone service is not necessary. This is a wrong notion. Nothing compares to the valuable purpose of having one at home, most especially with a business at tow.

What can a home phone offer?

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Dependability and reliability are what a home phone offers. Smartphones may lose their signal and can go out or service, sometimes when you needed it the most. Cell phone services can get intermittent at times and is not a completely perfect communication tool as well. With a home phone, you are always available for your caller, unless you are not at home. But of course, you have an answering machine for that so you basically would get all the correspondence from relatives and clients with a phone line connected directly to your house.

Landline phones are also great for emergencies. You will never know if you’ll need to call 911 immediately. With a home phone, you know exactly where the landline phone is when you need it. A landline phone is also easily tracked so emergency numbers like 911 can easily identify your location. They do not run out of batteries as well and can be conveniently interconnected in several places in your home. Not all people have their smartphones in their pockets the whole day at home. Having several phone units connected to your landline in key areas In your home smells convenience.

Savings is also what home phone offers. I would suggest getting a home phone and internet bundle together. With a landline phone, you can get unlimited long distance calls at a cheaper price compared to a cell phone provider. This is also a nice reserve in case your mobile phone runs out of minutes in the middle of the month.

Sticking with the basics, just like the home phone, is one of the important things that I have learned not only for the household but for my business at home as well. A mobile gadget is nifty and essential when you are on the go, but a home phone is a dependable home buddy you can count on.


This is just the beginning..

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Hi I am Jacqui and welcome to my blog!

Being an online entrepreneur is not a daunting task like others think. With the right tools and marketing strategies, anyone can become successful in this line of business. However, this is not always instant success for everyone. It takes experience, practice, discipline, and knowledge to be able to do good and stay better in the online business.

One of the very important aspects in my business is the internet. Without it, selling online would not be possible. Reaching out to my clients and retailers offshore would not also be as easy. Thus, it became important for me to learn more about the internet, creating websites, dealing with internet service providers, and having to endure not-so-friendly customer service operators. This,  for me, helped in my success. Without knowing what I need and what the internet service that I have should provide, hitting targets and meeting deadlines wouldn’t be as easy.

I want to share that success to everyone, and also the challenges I constantly encounter along the way. I want to share the steps on how I managed to get there. I would also love to share with you my story not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a mom and a regular internet user.

I present to you — Jacqui on the Web.

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