What To Ask Yourself When Shopping for a Web Hosting Package

When you are trying to create an online presence, it is very important to choose the right web hosting company. Web hosting is the service that allows you to deliver your website to your target market as they type in your domain name. There are many online companies now and knowing the right questions to ask when getting a hosting package may be your edge against your competitors.

Know if domain registration is already included in your hosting package

Most hosting service like GoDaddy includes a free domain for every purchase of a year of web hosting. Registering your domain with the company that will host your website will also reduce the hassles that can result from having to import your domain to your hosting company. You can always as a professional to do this but will incur your additional costs.

Determine the number of websites that you can host with your hosting package

Some internet marketers have large number of website and can target many niches. Being able to host extra domain names at no additional costs can save you from purchasing a new hosting package for each domain you decide to register.

Check the percentage of your guaranteed uptime

When a web host experiences downtime, your websites are inaccessible and your company could lose money. Leading hosts will guarantee the amount of uptime – which should exceed 99.8% for the best companies.

Determine the level of service this hosting company provides

This should also include aspects like uploading files to configuring systems, hosting a website can be a tricky business. You need a company that provides world-class support when you need it. Before signing up for a hosting package, make sure the company you’re considering provides support through multiple methods: email, phone, helpdesk, knowledge base, and a customer forum. The best companies will offer 24-hour phone support in case of emergencies. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line, you want to have this level of service.

Do they offer money-back guarantee?

Occasionally people run into web hosting companies that provide poor service or slow web servers. To prevent yourself from being locked into a year-long contract with a company that does not provide the level of service you need, make sure the web host you’re considering offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This is standard in the hosting industry, and nearly every reputable host offers it.


Design Ideas to Create the Most Stunning Websites

If you would want to put your start-up company on the web, it is necessary to create the most creative website that will catch people’s attention and will keep visitors from visiting your website. To be able to make your target market aware of the information, services and the products that you offer, making the first impression on your website count is a must. The impression should be developed by your creative website with the visitor’s mind considered to be able to create a more appealing website for your business. Here are some tips you can follow.


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A Well Written About Page

Getting ideas on your target market requires feedback. A contact page, thus is essential to be able to create a relationship or a venue for communication between you and your client. Giving your email address to your client to allow them to contact you directly. The about is page on the other hand provides the information on what your company offers. Your home web pages should also link back to your Home page as necessary.

Website Aesthetics

Your website should be aesthetically attractive. The color selection should look nice and be readable. A light design would make it easier on the eyes of your visitors. Telstra unlimited internet included in Compare Broadband Australia’s website is a good example for this.

Professional Looking

Your website should be professional, in proper title pages. The content must be placed and unnecessary content must be avoided in a proper way. At first site, it should be able to show the visitor’s interest for continuing your website.

Small Size Pages for Easy Loading

Small size webpages must be comprehensive, good looking and loads fast. It only takes 6 seconds to catch your visitors attention. If you fail to catch their attention due to a poor loading website, you’ll end up losing a potential client in the process.


Fresh content is important. But the choice of text used in your website is also important. The background of your website should be light to allow your texts to be darker and to standout. All fonts should be chosen properly so that they can be easily available in any type of computer or browser. Surfing the site easy should be a prime consideration. Avoiding capitalized letters as much as possible is also important.

Background images and formats

You should keep your background images to a minimum unless you have a photography website. It makes your pages harder to load, view and read. Your image formats should be in GIF and JPEG mostly except for logos which preferably should be in PNG.

Hiring Talents Online: How to Find the Best Talent for Your Needs

Working online is one of the conveniences that we get to enjoy thanks to modern technology. However, there will come a time when you need to get an extra hand to be able to do all the work once you have managed to become successful and acquired a number of clients and projects online. This also allows you to have control over your free time, something you might have missed after being too busy with the projects and clients that you have acquired throughout your career online.

There are a lot of freelancing marketplaces where you can get talents and job seekers that can fill the need that you currently have. However, too many options can also make it too confusing for you to pick the right person, due to the overwhelming number of options in front of you.

Examining on whether a possible hire is indeed the right person for your requirement is a hard task. It is quite tricky and sometimes, it is really hard to find someone you can really trust. However, when the right approach is made, you can actually hire the right freelance writer, developer, designer or marketing expert that will be able to put a profitable input to your business.

Know whether what you need is experience or talent

You can get a professional with talent and experience but they may come at a high price. If you do not have the budget to get a professional with experience and with talent, you can go for a rookie that has promising experience. You can later on decide if that person is worth keeping or not.

Always ask for a portfolio

Your potential hire should be able to present proofs of their work, either from past clients or sample projects that they have related to your need. A resume seems to be insufficient to give you a practical idea of the experience or what the freelancer can actually do for you.

Ask for a sample project

If you require a specific set of skills for your freelancer, you might want to give a paid sample project for them. Some freelancers may not be interested in submitting samples, but if you pay them for doing so, you will most likely get a result that is a product of their effort. Doing so also identifies the strength and weaknesses of your freelancer.  From here, you can decide if they are trainable and if they can really work on what you need from your freelancer.

Creating a good professional relationship is another thing. It should be treated as a give and take relationship. Remember that both of you are actual people and not machines and that both of you are professionals. Treat them with respect and you will most likely beget respect as well. Trust on the other hand can be developed though time.

Meanwhile, below is an infographic on how to create that winning resume to get your first job online.


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Things to Look Forward Too in Technology in the Next Decade

Technology has indeed reached far greater heights, more than we have already imagined. After Apple’s big push towards a wireless future, I can’t help but wonder that the future awaits when it comes to technology and other devices.

Everything is started to become wireless. Wireless headphones like Apple’s AirPods are being introduced in the market. Wireless mouse, keyboards, printers and display adapters. Come to think of it, a wireless future means that will be no snags, tangles and breakages anymore. Everything would be the same minus these inconveniences. This is something I find magnificent. Of course, the improvement in technology is not limited to wireless gadgets. Let us look at the other possibilities, technology have to offer in the decade to come.


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Faster internet broadband plans

Faster internet, something 10X faster than what we get to enjoy today is something worth looking forward to in the future. Starry, an internet company came up with the idea of delivering gigabit internet – 1,000 Mbps, or 125 megabytes per second, to the public with just minimal upgrades in infrastructure. This is said to be possible within the coming decade, or even less.

This works by transmitting internet signals via transmitters dotted around a city that acts like cell towers. This signal is then received by an antenna installed outside a window that is then transmitted via cable to the Starry WiFi router or a router of your choice. This exciting development is already in beta in Boston and would roll out in more cities by 2017.

LiFi Internet access


Photo Credit:  Data Manager via Pinterest

LiFi internet makes the internet accessible via LED light bulbs. This works by flickering LED light bulbs quickly, allowing it to transmit Visible Light Communication Signals (VLC) to digital devices that is capable of accepting VLC. This is possible by installing a small microchip to every potential device that illuminates. Internet spends of up to 224 gigabits per second is what the LiFi commits that makes it possible to download an 8K, 90-minute movie in 22 seconds. This technology is believed to be available for the public in 3 to 5-year time.

Companies creating licenses for their own wireless standards

This is something like Google Cast or Apple’s AirPlay. This technology is often better than an alternative that is not under a proprietary, since the company developing the standard is not beholden to other needs.

The development playing field is distorted because of the risks of letting a smaller group of company hold the key over everyone else. This is also believed to be the reason why it would also be difficult to have a smooth sailing wireless future.

Turning Your Marketing Efforts into More Effective Campaigns

Content remains to be the ruler when it comes to the internet up until now. However, even though content remains to be king, the approach in content marketing is evolving and changing very fast. The death of internet marketers is far from being near but without an effective content plant, winning an audience becomes more difficult.  Businesses are still continuously developing changes fine tuning processes to be able to reap more results out of their marketing campaigns. Summarized below are some effective tips on how to improve and continuously perfect your content marketing strategies.

getty images.jpg

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Always address your audience first

No marketing plan is enough if you do now know your target market well. Addressing your audience is the best way to create a content marketing campaign. Start with your buyer’s persona. What keeps them interested? What triggers their engagement? Know the basics of your target market such as their demographics, customer needs, preferences and hobbies as well as their limitations and pain points. Knowing what your target market desires and wants allows you to provide clearly what they need, thus catching their attention and keeping them engaged.

Creating standout content

There are practically several articles related to a specific need of your client. Standing out is necessary to allow your brand to get notices. This is where content optimization comes in. Provide timely, reliable and helpful content to your audience with clear keywords that are strategically located all throughout your article. It is also important to build interaction with your readers making your audience feel good and inspire them to share your content as well. Approach it like how you approach getting cable broadband plans. Know what you really need and then provide the best you can offer.

Create visually appealing content

Nobody would exert effort in reading dense and dark texts on website that is not reader friendly. Make sure that your text can be clearly read on your website, especially on mobile where most of consumers access their internet nowadays. Present your document clearly and avoid too many intrusive pop-ups and widgets that may interfere with your readers browsing and reading through your website.


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Track your key performance indicators

Knowing how much site visitors you get, content downloads, social shares, bounce rate, backlinks, CPC and conversion rates allows you to find rooms for improvement. This also helps you in knowing on what channels to invest and exert more effort with.

Personalized experience for your clients

Nothing beats a content marketing strategy that knows how to show empathy to its readers. Creating a specific content for a specific demographic of your large target market from time to time is an effective approach into tapping into a possible loyal following. Gain momentum with several small sectors of your target market by building content and resizing it for the specific audience that you intend to reach. Having dynamic websites and personalized emails have higher engagement and open rates reaching out to more customers.

New technology platforms are indeed creating changes on how consumers read and react on the content that businesses provided to them. Taking advantage of these new platforms and continuously providing useful content to your readers will make your content campaigns a success.


Tips to Consider When Buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is considered as an investment. It is like buying a refrigerator, you need to buy one that satisfy your needs, within your budget and that can be beneficial for you for a long period of time. Thus, like buying a refrigerator, picking out a laptop should not be taken lightly.

Here are some tips you should consider to prepare yourself in making the best decision when buying a laptop.

The sweet escape.jpg

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Size does matters

You should consider the size and the weight of your laptop. One basis for such requirements would be if the laptop would be mobile or stationary. Will you carry it often? If not, buying a large screened laptop that is heavy than the usual laptop is possible. If you will be carrying it around your back frequently, getting a lighter model would be a wiser option.

You should also consider the size of your keyboard. If you feel that a small or a bigger keyboard might put too much pressure on your fingers and wrists when typing, you might also want to consider this as a factor in purchasing a new laptop.


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Choose your mouse

A laptop it will come with a built in touch pad, an alternative to the mouse, whereby the pad is controlled by the user’s finger movement.  For some people, this type of pad is uncomfortable and not easy to work with.  Before purchasing a laptop, determine what mouse options are available.  Test each one and determine which one best meets your needs.

Check your computer ports

If you have several other external computer hardware that would be connected to your laptop, go through your USB ports. It would be less complicated if you have adequate ports for your needs. Consider other external hardware like printers, scanners, digital cameras and external hard drives to make it simpler when connecting these devices to your laptop. If you are not sure, read the specifications of your laptops prior to purchasing.

Check your budget

Try not to overspend with when buying a laptop. Create a set of specifications that you need for your laptop, canvass existing prices and then set a budget. Stick to the budget that you have. If you think that your found the laptop but your budget is enough, you can wait it out and try to avoid the rush. If you still feel that the laptop that you found is indeed the laptop that you want after checking the specs and waiting it out, simply go for it.

Internet Security Tips: Fighting and Preventing Spam

According to studies, half of the e-mails that we received around the world are spam or “junk” e-mail. Although most e-mail messaging websites have a way to identify nuisance or “spam” mails, the prevalence of spam emails have increased so much that most internet users have begun to express a general lack of confidence in the effectiveness of e-mail as a communication platform. A lot are even more concerned with the spread of computer viruses that usually comes together with these unsolicited messages.

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The United States even has a “Can Spam” bill that was signed in 2003 by President Bush. The bill was instantly approved by the Senate and prohibits unsolicited e-mail from using false return addresses, to disguise one’s identity and the use of dictionaries to generate such mailers. It also prohibits that use of misleading subject lines that requires emails to include and opt-out mechanism. Violators are subject to up to a year time in jail.

One major point that needs to be discussed about this:  spam is now coming from other countries in ever-greater numbers. These emails are harder to fight, because they come from outside our country’s laws and regulations.  Because the Internet opens borders and thinks globally, these laws are fine and good, but do not stop the problem.


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So how can you fight against spam and screen them out just like how you screen out the best home phone and internet deals? Here are tips that you can follow.

Do what you can to avoid having your email address out on the net.

There are products called “spam spiders” that search the Internet for email addresses to send email to.  If you are interested, do a search on “spam spider” and you will be amazed at what you get back.  Interestingly, there is a site, WebPoison.org, which is an open source project geared to fight Internet “spambots” and “spam spiders”, by giving them bogus HTML web pages, which contain bogus email addresses

A couple suggestions for you:  a) use form emails, which can hide addresses or also b) use addresses like sales@company.com instead of your full address to help battle the problem. c) There are also programs that encode your email, like jsGuard, which encodes your email address on web pages so that while spam spiders find it difficult or impossible to read your email address.

Get spam blocking software.

There are many programs out there for this.  (go to www.cloudmark.com or www.mailwasher.net for example).  You may also buy a professional version.  Whatever you do, get the software. It will save you time.  The software is not foolproof, but they really do help.  You usually have to do some manual set up to block certain types of email.

Attachments from people you don’t know are BAD for you.

A common problem with spam is that they have attachments and attachments can have viruses.  Corporations often have filters that don’t let such things pass to you.  Personal email is far more “open country” for spamers.  General rule of thumb:  if you do not know who is sending you something, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT.  Secondly, look for services that offer filtering. Firewall vendors offer this type of service as well.

It is all up to you to fight against Spam and other negative things that comes from the internet. Being aware and cautious helps in increasing internet safety at home and at work.